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The Moroccan authorities are targeting farmers in Russia

The Moroccan authorities urged local businesses to take advantage of the crisis situation of the Russian economy amid falling oil prices and increase exports of agricultural and fish products. "Currently, there is an opportunity to make a profit from the Russian crisis, which is expressed by the fall of the ruble and oil prices to promote exports of Moroccan products," said representatives of the Moroccan state-owned company Smaex, which specializes in insuring export products, during the international agricultural salon in Morocco, writes a local edition of Le Maroc Aujourd'hui.

Exports of fruits and vegetables to Russia will be a powerful engine for Morocco’s economic development, representatives of the Moroccan exporters association Asmex said. According to the publication, according to RNS, one of the main problems that Moroccan exporters may encounter is the deterioration of products on the way to Russia.

Back in April, the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture Aziz Ahannush called on local business to increase the supply of fruits and vegetables to Russia. Since the beginning of this year, Morocco has increased citrus supplies to Russia by 24%, early vegetables - by 59%, according to the ministry. The growth of exports is largely due to the opening of the sea link Agadir - St. Petersburg.

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