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In France, the products sliced ​​expensive to 50%

Prices of products in cutting most of the French supermarket were an average of 52% more expensive than the same, but the family format, writes Le Figaro, citing data from the study of the French consumer association Familles de France.

Association members compared the price per kilogram of the same product presented in batches and in large format, over the past year 3 2015 months in French supermarkets. For example, instant coffee, packaged in individual packages of small volume, worth € 37,67 kg, and the same family size coffee - € 29,16 kg. Portion pieces of Camembert are 9,36 € per kg, and family size (whole head) - € 6,42, soft cheese - € 3,38 in the case of batch filling and € 2,03 - in the case of the "family".

Three years ago, reports the RNS, in the course of the same study found that the more expensive a la carte product family size to 48%.

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