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Vodka "Good Bear" goes into hibernation

Visit the FSB and the Federal Tax Service on Kabardinian plants producing vodka for the company "status groups" has not passed in vain for the latter. In February-March marks its vodka "Good Bear", "Kalina Krasnaya" and "old brand", which sales rose steadily during 2015 years and eventually won three of the five places among the best selling Russian brands are losing market share.

This could have a positive impact on the production of other Russian vodkas.

After stopping the factories in Kabardino-Balkaria, the brands of "Status Groups" began to lose in sales, follows from the Nielsen data provided by several vodka producers to Kommersant. So, in February-March the share of the "Good Bear" decreased to 3,39%, "Kalina Red" - to 3,24%, "Old Brand" - to 3,03%. "Status Groups" tried to compensate for the dropped volumes, but it was unsuccessful. "Tatspirtprom", with whom she negotiated for bottling, refused the contract. From the end of February, Ossetian enterprises of Pravoberezhny and Rakurs LVPs started producing Kalina red and Old Mark, but according to the head of a large distribution company, the amount of short supply for these vodka has since been 70-80%.

Vodka "status groups", which the company sold at maximum permitted by the state minimum retail price (MRP) 185 rubles. 0,5 for l, peaked in January 2016 years of sales values, Nielsen data show. The share of the brand, "Good Bear" in terms of volume has grown over the past year with 1,15% to 4,02%, the brand "Kalina Krasnaya" - with 1,02% to 3,72%, "old stamp" - with 1,18% to 3,28%. All three of the brand at the beginning of the year 2016 were in the top five best-selling brands (second, fourth and fifth places, respectively).

But already in February a group of factories in Kabardino-Balkaria, producing vodka for "Status", lost its license after the FSB and the Federal Tax Service carried out operational activities. The reason for this was the schemes used by enterprises to evade payment of excise duty, which accounted for 100 rubles. in the cost of a bottle of vodka. It was due to this "Status Groups" was, in fact, the only player in the market who could sell vodka at the MRC level. A source in the industry says that Kabardian enterprises have already contributed about 35 billion rubles. unpaid excises. In "Status Groups" it was not possible to receive a comment.

The press service of the Civil Code "Dixie" say that the supply of the "Status" are continuing, but could not specify to what extent. CFO "Magnit" Khachatur Pombuhchan difficult to say whether the network continues to cooperate with the "status groups". Meanwhile, the correspondent of "Kommersant" has not found the product "status groups" in stores "Dixie" and "Magneto".

As I indicated in its statements for the year 2015 company Roust (vodka "Green Mark", "Yamskaya"), the pressure by the authorities on "status groups" gives reason to expect recovery of vodka sales in the mass segment. They fall in the second half of the year 2015, the company tied just to "attack" cheap product "status groups". On Roust last week, the report said that from the second quarter of this year saw signs of improvement in the dynamics of orders.

From the available Rosstat data it is clear that in April vodka production in Russia increased by 30,4% to 6,5 million decaliters, and in general for the first four months of the year - by 3,9% to 16,5 million decaliters. "The situation with" Status "could affect this result - in the future we expect an even greater positive effect in terms of growth in legal production," - says the top manager of the vodka company. Vadim Drobiz, Director of the Institute of Information Technologies, is convinced that the growth of vodka production is connected with the problems of "Status Groups". "Now the product of" Status "is replacing products of other companies - in particular," Synergy "and" Tatspirtprom "," the expert says.

The share of vodka "Belenky" that "Synergy" sells ekonomsegmente, according to Nielsen, in February-March 2016 4,27% of the year was (sales leader). Last fall, the brand held a share of 3,89%. In "Tatspirtprom" the best-selling vodka in the same segment is now the brand "Russian currency": its share increased from autumn to 1,19% to 1,40%. According to the director "Tatspirtprom" Irek Minnahmetova, with the brand "Russian currency," the company began to actively enter the Russian regions last year.

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