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Revealed effects on the liver of Power

Doctors have found that consuming energy drinks can lead to hepatitis. In an article published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, doctors reported the hospitalization of an 50-year-old man with acute liver dysfunction, which arose from the daily use of four to five power engineers for three weeks.

After the patient began to drink stimulating beverages, his health deteriorated, he lost his appetite and started to suffer from pain in the abdomen. At first he thought it was the flu, but was alarmed when he noticed that his urine became dark, and the skin had a yellow tint. He used stimulating drinks to combat fatigue.

Laboratory tests have shown high concentrations of enzymes in liver transaminases, indicating liver damage. Liver biopsy revealed severe hepatitis. Such a condition could be caused by excessive use of energy, containing nicotinic acid.

According to doctors, since energy drink market continues to expand rapidly, consumers should be aware of the potential risks. Vitamins and nutrients such as niacin is present therein in amounts which far exceed the recommended daily dose.

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