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Revenues Coca-Cola bottler fell 2,7%

Revenues Coca-Cola HBC, Coca-Cola's exclusive bottler in several countries, has decreased in the I quarter year 2016 2,7%, the company said. The volume of beverage sales increased for the quarter to 0,1%.

According to the results of I quarter, the company said the good results of operations in Nigeria, Romania and Poland, which were offset by weak performance in Russia, according to RNS.

Sales of carbonated beverages increased by 0,6%, Nigeria, Romania, Poland and Ukraine showed good results, while results in Russia, Greece and Ireland were weak. Coca-Cola brand beverage sales grew slightly, although the launch of Coke Zero in Russia last May contributed to good brand performance.

water sales volume grew in small single digits. The growth in the juice category expressed high single digits in developed markets, which was partially offset by a decline in emerging markets, in particular, the decline in Russia, expressed unequivocal indicator. Sales volumes in the energy category rose 24% thanks to the launch of the beverage under the Monster brand in Russia.

In Russia, the volume of Coca-Cola HBC beverage sales fell in all categories, except for Coke Zero and energy. "Sales in Russia maintained a negative trend against the backdrop of a difficult macroeconomic and business environment, which entails a reduction, expressed high single digits," - the report says.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is one of The Coca-Cola Company and the exclusive Coca-Cola bottler beverage manufacturers the largest in the world under the trade marks in a number of countries, including Russia.

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