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Proceeds of "Dixie" grew up in April 23%

Retail revenue group "Dixie" grew up in April 2016 year 23% in rubles to April of last year and amounted to 27 billion rub., The company said.

Revenue growth in the first four months of the year amounted to 2016 18,3% - up to 100,6 billion rubles.

Sales of stores "at home" "Dixie" grew up in April 26,1% and amounted to 22,3 billion rubles, the revenue "Victoria" division increased by 11,9% -. To 3,1 billion rubles, mainly due to the increase in revenue "Victoria" supermarkets 14,1. %. Revenue "MEGAMART" division increased year by year 6,2 1,6% and amounted billion rubles.

GC "Dixie" - one of the largest Russian retailers. As of April 30 2016 2749, the company operated stores, including 2598 stores "at home" "Dixie", 112 store "Victoria", one store Cash and 38 compact hypermarkets "Megamart" and "Minimart".

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