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The company's revenue for Favorite Country 9 2016 months of the year exceeded 1,5 billion rubles

Beloved Kray Confectionery Association, Russia's largest producer of oatmeal cookies, published financial results for the first 9 months of 2016. The company's revenue amounted to more than 1,5 billion rubles, which is 21% more than the same period last year.

This figure is growing steadily in the past few years companies. If the first 9 2013 months, our revenue "Loved Edge" was 820 million rbl., That in the same period of 2014 1 it increased to billion rubles., While in January-September, the turnover amounted to 2015 1,24 billion rubles already.

As a result of 2016, the company's revenues should exceed 2 billion rubles., While in real terms the volume of production will be more 19,5 thousand. Tons, CEO expects "Loved Edge" Irina Snegova.

According to her, the confectionery market has changed significantly this year - rising prices for chocolate products have stimulated buyers to switch to other product groups, and cookies have become a good alternative. However, Beloved Land this year is growing much faster than the flour confectionery market, which is growing in kind by about 8%. While the growth rate of sales of “Beloved Land” should be about 20%.

“Next year we have even more ambitious plans - reaching the milestone of 3 billion rubles in turnover. For this, the company has everything necessary: ​​strong distribution, including in the regions, an excellent portfolio of brands, modern production sites. Already now we produce 140 packages of cookies per minute. However, in order to accelerate development, the possibility of opening a new production line at one of our sites is being considered, ”notes Irina Snegova.


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