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He released a new promotional video "Kvas Taras White"

In April this year the familiar Ukrainian consumer product - "Kvas Taras White" - appeared on the market in a new convenient packaging 0,75 liters. This is a completely new format in the kvass market, which is perfect for individual consumption.

The creative idea of ​​a commercial for the new packaging was developed by advertising agency THINKMcCANN, rented movie studio Gvardiya Production House. On hot days city dwellers in search of coolness and freshness often come up with imaginative ways of refreshment. Now refreshed become easier in different situations, for a drink in 0,75l format you can easily take a walk in the park, on a trip or on a date. It is an advantage of the new format and emphasizes the new ad "Kvas Taras White."

Otroshchenko Andrew, vice president of marketing at Carlsberg Ukraine: «TM" Kvas Taras "offers Ukrainian customers something new - tasty, healthy and refreshing drink, given to us by nature in a convenient format to go. Its comfortable to take with them and thus always have on hand fresh and natural energy drink. Actually, on this and says the new commercial TM "Kvas Taras".


"Kvas Taras White" first appeared on the market in the year 2015. This unfiltered variety of kvass has a mild, refreshing taste with a little sour. And the original color of the drink is achieved by using a light wheat and barley malt. To date, the line includes two formats of packaging - and 1,5l 0,75l.

You can watch the video at

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