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Wrigley against comparisons Skittles candy refugees

Production company named Skittles inappropriate comparison refugees with poisoned candies, made by the son of a candidate for US president from the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

Trying to explain why the United States should not take more refugees Trump Jr. posted to your account in the "Twitter" image plates, filled with candy Skittles, with the inscription: "If I had a bowl of Skittles, and I told you that only three sweets are kill you, would you take a handful? This is our problem of refugees from Syria. "

"The picture says it all. Let's finish with the politically correct agenda that puts America in the first place, "- commented on his message Trump Jr.

Saying son Donald Trump caused a strong reaction in the network, and finally decided to respond to the tweet a top manager of the Wrigley Corporation, which owns Skittles.

“Skittles - candy. Refugees are people. We think this is an inappropriate analogy. We will refrain from further comments, as our statements can be regarded as a marketing ploy, ”said Denis Young, vice president of Wrigley Americas. Other users didn’t like the words of Trump Jr. Many people published on their pages photographs of refugees with the signature “Not Skittle” (“This is not candy”).

The famous singer George Legend wrote in the "Twitter": "There is a tiny chance that anyone can be a killer. Let's get rid of all! "

A year ago, Trump publicly pledges to expel thousands of Syrian refugees.

In August, he announced that he wanted to pursue "ideological tests" to those who enter the United States and temporarily suspend visas for people from countries that "compromised by terror."

This year, the United States took at least 10 thousand Syrian refugees.

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