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X5 Retail took the maximum growth rate

At the end of the third quarter, the share of the second 2016 turnover retailer Russia X5 Retail Group in the growth of retail space has reached a historic high - 42,2% of all emerging areas for three months, the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing data from research «Infoline-intelligence."

During the quarter, large retailers increased their retail space by a total of 659 sq. m, this is 900% less than a year ago. 22,5% of the increase in retail space was accounted for by the seven largest chains - Magnit, X75 Retail, Dixy, Lenta, Auchan, Metro Cash & Carry, Okay. The aggregate share of the two leaders, X5 Retail and Magnit, in the growth reached its maximum and approached 5%.

But the bulk of the increase provided X5 Retail - 42,2% of all appearing for the quarter of retail space. In total, the retailer increased its area by 277 830 square. m. During the same period the area of ​​main rival group, "Magnit" increased by 148 190 square. m - it had to 22,5% growth of Russian retail area for the quarter.

For H5 Retail 2016 year was a turning point, according to the «Infoline-intelligence." Retail network for the first time in six years, almost caught up with the pace of growth "Magnit" network until the end of the year 2015, and since the beginning of this year X5 network growth began to outpace competitors.

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