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Why the Belarusian refiners spoil the milk?

The Rosselkhoznadzor explained the falsification of drinking milk and dairy products from Belarus with dry milk by the greed of producers. This is stated in the appeal of Nikolai Vlasov, deputy head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, to manufacturers, importers and participants in the dairy market, which is posted on the department's website.

As explained by the Rosselkhoznadzor (RSHN), drinking milk should not contain the addition of dry milk products and water. Now the department has a method for detecting milk powder in drinking milk and dairy products, and it is monitoring the market and products of the largest importer of milk to Russia - Belarus.

As part of the study, the Rosselkhoznadzor checked 76 milk samples from 17 Belarusian enterprises, of which 43% were falsified by adding powdered milk.

“In Belarus, there is enough normal raw milk, and why spoiling it is not clear. Such results say that the main cause of falsification is the greed of milk processors in combination with the fact that this parameter has not been regularly monitored in Russia so far, ”the message says.

The problem with the falsification of drinking milk has both large and small milk producers, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor. The list of such enterprises included, in particular, Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1 OJSC, Milkavita OJSC, Zdravushka-Milk OJSC, Babushkina Krynka OJSC, Danon Pruzhany LLC.

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