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The building is in the form of a cake angered authorities in Shanghai

The city of Shanghai (China) required to detach it from the building near the Bund festive decoration, which gives the construction resemblance to a giant layer cake. On it informs edition Shanghaiist.

The eight-story house was transformed on Tuesday, November 1. In honor of the anniversary of one of the companies located in it, the walls were covered with sheets of pink and white, and the upper floors were decorated with huge red berries.

The new design of the building was a surprise for the city authorities. They declared that the building in the form of a pink cake did not fit into the strict colonial architecture of the area and demanded that the building be immediately restored to its original appearance.

According to the publication, reports “,” workers began to dismantle the festive decoration on Wednesday evening.

Earlier it was reported that a glass building in the form of a Cinderella's crystal shoe was built in Taiwan. The height of the building is 16,5 meters. Construction lasted two months.

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