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Residents of Estonia prefer European wines

According to research wine market, commissioned by the manufacturer and importer Altia Eesti AS alcoholic beverages, Estonian residents aged 18 65 years to give preference primarily to European wines, the company reported.

According to the study, the highest demand is for Spanish wines, which were named 48 percent of respondents. They were followed by the French and Italian wines from the 41 percent, the six leaders of the most popular wines also includes Chile, Germany and South Africa.

"Spanish wines are among the favorite wines of the people of Estonia for several years now, sales are in competition with Chilean. In general, people's preferences change slowly, but it is worth noting the growing popularity of German wines, primarily due to the growth in popularity of Riesling ", - said chairman of Altia Eesti AS Kristel Mets.

Among the sparkling wines, the people who took part in the survey prefer the Italian (48 per cent) and French (46 per cent) sparkling wines, the sparkling wines of the Hungarian producer (24 per cent) and the fourth (17 per cent) ).

Three favorite varieties

Speaking of favorite amateur wine grape varieties in Estonia, the first three lines are removed by popularity Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. When respondents were asked to name the first coming to mind the brand of wine, the most frequently heard names like Dreamer, Törley, Monte Cristo and Põltsamaa.

The survey was conducted in February by the Finnish market research Kuulas, attended by 403 respondents aged 18-65 years.

Altia Eesti AS, a subsidiary of Altia Corporation, is the second largest alcohol producer in Estonia, whose activities consist of production (about 60%) and exports (about 40%) of alcoholic beverages. As of the end of 2015, 86 people worked at the enterprise.

The most well-known trademark of Altia Eesti in Estonia - Saaremaa Vodka. The company also supplies the market with such international brands as Meukow, Campari and Amarula. Altia Eesti is cognac Larsen and Renault, the Ibis brandy, vodka and cognac Koskenkorva liquor Xanté, which are the most famous brands Altia Corporation in the international market. The leading wine portfolio of brands Altia Eesti - it Fresita, Chill Out, Tarapacá, Two Oceans, Masi and Codorniu.

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