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Launched largest Arctic fish factory

In Murmansk started work in the Arctic's largest fish factory. In the year it should produce up to 10 thousand tons of chilled products. Soon there will be opened as canning and smoking plant.

Introducing a new and very large fish factory in the Arctic begins with the obligatory disinfection procedures. To get to the enterprise can only be in overalls. Sterile purity and high quality standards are respected at all stages of production.

At the factory receives only fresh catch. Raw materials extracted on its own trawlers. Modern fish dressing primary processing plant is located directly on the board. Now in the Barents Sea - fishing season in the haddock and cod.

Further processing takes place already in the bank. During one shift processed several tons of fish. Priority is given to not frozen pellets and cooled feed.

"We are trying to build it to the rank of an ordinary product. The same as the chilled chicken or meat. By this have all become accustomed. And it does not need a lot of time to do so. The most important thing - is that quality and consumer confidence, "- said the director of the fish processing factory" Polar Sea + "Vladimir Zagorovsky.

Discovery of this factory, which is unique in the Arctic, were looking forward to. Locals were hoping to get new jobs, power - additional revenue, and employees of the company - an opportunity to process their catch.

"For us it is crucial that we have there are such factories, where production with high added value. It is a good replacement of imported goods, "- commented the head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Igor Shestakov.

On the shelves of local stores freshest cod and haddock will be in a few hours. The greater part of the product will be sent to the central and north-western regions of Russia.

In the future, "Vesti" write the gifts of the northern seas will fall back in the canned food and a large smokehouse. And it is planned to open a workshop for the production of semi-finished products. The design capacity of the new processing complex - more than 10 thousand tons of finished fish products per year.

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