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Danone factory was on the verge of stopping

The largest Russian company concern Danone, located in the Oryol region, may be closed, according to Kommersant.

Alexander Budarin, the first vice-governor of the region, explained to the publication that the dairy had problems with raw materials - it is not enough and it is not of satisfactory quality.

The regional government noted that there were no official papers on the closure of the company. In the Danone newspaper could not get a comment.

As the newspaper notes, for the first time the information that Danone can close part of its plants in Russia appeared in December 2015 of the year - it was about the Tomsk Dairy Plant and the Cheboksary City Dairy Plant, the output of which was eventually transferred to enterprises in neighboring regions . In Russia, the company has only about 30 milk processing plants.

According to the head of the Russian Union of Dairy Industry Enterprises, Arkady Ponomarev, curator of the dairy cluster of the Voronezh Region, the reason for the possible shutdown of the Oryol enterprise is the optimization of production costs by Danone-Unimilk.

The expert notes that Danone regional plants are not loaded at full capacity, as a result, the company considers projects to reduce the number of production sites to optimize: reduce traditional dairy products (drinking milk, drinking fermented milk products, sour cream, cottage cheese) and expanding the “high margin” range with more high added value. Since the processors earn practically nothing on packaged milk, and the marginality of yogurt production is on average 30 percent.

“The tasks of such large processors as Danone do not include an increase in the processing volumes of raw milk. The corporation closes factories, but does not sell sites, ”adds Ponomarev. According to him, this is precisely the danger of selling Russian enterprises to foreigners. The Molvest holding in Voronezh founded by Ponomarev today is the only one-hundred-percent domestic enterprise that is one of the three leaders in milk processing in Russia, but only thanks to a strong-willed decision made back in 1990.

“In the nineties, I worked as a director of the Voronezh Dairy Plant,” recalls Ponomarev. “Together with the Italians, we produced Parmalat milk.” Then they took off the masks of polite capitalists and turned out to be thugs worse than ours. They came on the run: sell us a factory, my dear ... And I put my soul into it, put every free penny into the purchase of new equipment. ”

Ponomarev refused the offer of foreign investors.

“They left, but took with them milk suppliers and distribution channels. We collapsed then terribly, production was reduced to 30 thousand tons of milk per year (now Molorovsk Voronezh processes more than 400 thousand tons). But in spite of everything - survived. And instead of “Parmalat”, our milk had to invent another name and it became known as “Vkusnoteevo”, and is still called this way, ”sums up Ponomarev. The entrepreneur adds that the Voronezh plant did not reduce the production of so-called basic products (milk, sour cream and cottage cheese), considering their production as “an element of social responsibility”.

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