X5 Retail invests in "smart shop", and Innovation

Retailer X5 Retail Group is in talks to launch a smart store in Russia, following the example of the Amazon retailer, said Fabrikio Grange, Information Technology Director of X5 Retail Group.

"I am currently discussing the opportunity to pilot a model for example Amazon. I discuss this with a long-distance company, which made for Amazon, the opportunity to discuss this pilot in Russia, but it is the phase of discussion ", - he said.

Grange said that the company has already carried out a pilot project "smart store", now this process is finished.

Later, the press service of the retailer's clear that the company is actively developing self-service technology.

"In this regard, we study the technology demonstrated in the Amazon Go project, but to talk about plans to introduce identical decision is premature", - the press-service.


Foundation for Development of Internet initiatives (FRII) and X5 Retail Group (manages the network "Pyaterochka", "Crossroads," "Carousel") are launching a partnership program in retail, in which X5 Retail Group will test the draft of the business accelerator FRII, told FRII representatives and X5 Retail Group.

According to CEO Igor H5 Shekhterman Retail Group, the company annually sends about 10% capex for the development of innovation. As a result of cooperation with FRII investment can be increased.

"We assume that as a result of cooperation, we have the will to acquire startups, I can not say on what specific amount we plan to increase it, but some will increase," - he said.

According to General Director Kirill FRII Varlamov, start-ups, the last in the accelerator FRII will be able to attract investments from the Fund in the amount of up to 2 25 million.

In addition, the start-ups will be able to test hypotheses on the business customer base X5 Retail Group.

Varlamov noted that in the first place will be including tested "projects to personalize offers, data analysis, tracking routes shoppers, loyalty programs, program intelligent loyalty program personalization offers directly in real time, when a buyer walking through the store directly in the course of buying suggestions, additions. "

X5 Retail Group has repeatedly stated about the company's strategy to achieve leadership in the market. CEO X5 Retail Group Igor Shekhterman, speaking at the Investor Day - 2016, said that. "Goal to 2020 year - not only the number one and more than two-fold increase in business, but also to achieve 15% share of the market"

X5 Retail Group - the largest Russian retailers, as of December 31 2016 years running the company was 9,2 thousand stores.. The network includes 8363 store "Pyaterochka", 539 supermarkets "Crossroads", 91 hypermarket "Carousel" and 194 store "Express".

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