Confectionery factory Vitba rebranded

This spring, the confectionery factory Vitba carried out a rebranding: the logo, corporate identity of the company and the motto of the brand changed. On the site of the company, we found new visuals and a description of the goals and reasons for the update.

"By rebranding or redesigning its image, the company seeks to strengthen its brand by making it more relevant and meeting global standards, increasing the loyalty of existing consumers and attracting a new audience," the company said.

Before updating the image of the corporate brand Vitba carried out marketing research: surveys and focus groups made it possible to understand which attributes of the brand image should be preserved and what to bring a new one, how to adjust the image of Vitba to "inspire consumers to see the brand in a new light: more Dynamic, modern, capable of moving forward. "

The result of this work in 2017 was the redesign of the Vitba logo, a change in the corporate style of the company and a change in the motto of the brand. In addition, in general, there was a shift in emphasis in the positioning of the brand itself.

The new logo is a classic text logo. However, for the personification of this simple font inscription, some recognizable elements are used in the inscription: the underlined font is a smooth red wave that conveys the idea of ​​moving forward and soft dynamics; Red element in the letter "b", symbolizing the fullness, richness of life with positive emotions and impressions.

The new logo was made using the traditional blue color for Vitba, which allowed to maintain the recognition of the trademark. But to make the logo "tastier" and more modern, the shade of blue is changed and a smooth gradient is used (transition from dark blue to lighter).

The former corporate motto, which existed from the very foundation of the company, underscored the desire to gain leadership in the market, consumer confidence through the production of the highest quality products.

However, having achieved these goals, today in its new motto the company decided to focus more on the emotional advantages of the brand.

"The slogan" Filling life with taste! "Reflects the desire to support and care for its consumers in their desire to move forward, filling their lives with new impressions, because the products of Vitba are an inexhaustible source of energy, good mood and natural natural benefits."

In accordance with the new image of the Vitba brand, the design of the packaging of almost the entire assortment portfolio of the company will be changed.

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