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Nutrition and Health

Sunday, September 11 2016 06: 25
Since ancient times, people have understood the great importance of healthy food. The thinkers of antiquity, Hippocrates, Celsus, Galen and others devoted entire treatises medicinal properties of different kinds of food and reasonable consumption. An outstanding scholar of the East Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) considered food a source of health, strength and vitality. Mechnikov believed that people age prematurely ...

The need for adult in nutrients

Sunday, September 11 2016 06: 08
Nutrition involves taking into account the physiological needs of the body satisfaction in all the nutrients and energy.
Each nutrient fulfills its specific function in humans and is a part of almost all cells and cellular enzymatic systems.

The value of dietary fiber in the human diet

Sunday, September 11 2016 05: 16
Dietary fiber plants previously attributed to ballast (useless) substances.

Vitamins in the diet and healthy eating.

Sunday, September 11 2016 04: 35
The biological effect of vitamins in the human body is the active participation of these substances in the metabolic processes.

The role of minerals in the human diet

Sunday, September 11 2016 04: 30
Minerals do not have the energy value but are necessary for the life of the organism.

Water and drinking regime

Sunday, September 11 2016 04: 18
Water in the human body performs many important functions. With its committed participation of metabolism, it is an integral part of the blood, lymph, interstitial fluid In an adult human is about water 65% of the body, in novorozhdennyh- 80%. Most water in the blood - 92%, muscles - 70%, internal organs - ...

Feeding and nutrition of pregnant athletes

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 16: 05
Sporting load accompanied by a large energy consumption, hypoxia (oxygen starvation), a significant mental stress, resulting in increased body's need for energy and certain nutrients. Nutrition prevents fatigue, improves endurance, accelerates the recovery processes in the body, normalizes the various functions after considerable physical exertion. Energy expenditure athletes depend not only on the sport, ...

Features food nursing mothers and the elderly.

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 15: 12
The nature and mode of supply of nursing mothers is largely determined by the health of children.

Milk and dairy products in the diet and clinical nutrition.

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 14: 20
Milk - unique in the food and biological value, digestibility and value for the organism product.

What is the therapeutic and preventive nutrition

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 13: 20
Therapeutic and prophylactic called food, which is issued to workers and employees with harmful working conditions. The main purpose of therapeutic and prophylactic food - to raise protective forces and reactance of an organism, to warn occupational diseases and poisoning. Now in connection with automation and mechanization of production processes, constant improvement of working conditions of workers and increase production standards expressed forms ...

Prevention of obesity

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 13: 09
As we already know, prevention of obesity is closely related to a balanced diet. If the weight of an adult for a long time does not change, this indicates under the amount of energy produced in the body as a result of processing food, energy costs.

General principles of clinical nutrition

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 12: 32
Feeding during the illness should restore balance in the body by adapting the chemical composition and physico-chemical state of food in exchange characteristics of the organism. Any diet has an effect not only on the affected organ, but also on the whole body. Gentle and diseased organ coaching modes built on the major violations ...

Dyetolechenye holetsystytov

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 07: 03
General principles of diet therapy of cholecystitis (diet number 5) are: a diet with frequent consumption of small amounts of food (5-6 time, with obligatory taking over 2 hours before bedtime cup of yogurt). Excluded are annoying kbmponenty in food - spices, pickles, pork, beef and mutton fat, smoked, fried dishes. Food should be eaten freshly prepared and always ...

Power hypertensive patients

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 06: 52
Hypertensive heart disease - a common disease characterized by high blood pressure. When the disease affects the heart, central nervous system and kidneys. A sudden significant increase in blood pressure, usually sharply violating health of the patient, called hypertensive crisis. Hypertensive heart disease is characterized by a prolonged course with the cyclical deterioration and improvement. Adverse conditions of life, fatigue, various experiences of burden ...

Power TB patients

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 06: 42
Diet therapy of patients with tuberculosis is aimed at increasing the body's defenses. It is built according to the nature of the disease, a condition of the digestive system, concomitant diseases. Medical nutrition in this must provide nutrients the body needs to meet the increased breakdown of proteins, vitamins, over-consumption of mineral substances, restoration of metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Over a long period of ...

Dietolechenie diabetes

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 06: 21
When diabetes is disturbed primarily carbohydrate metabolism: sugar deteriorates combustion in tissues, increasing its concentration in the blood, and it is excreted in the urine. Formed in this toxic metabolic products (acetone, etc.) Can cause poisoning organism. At the heart of diabetes is reduction in production of the hormone insulin by the pancreas, or ...

Nutritional care for gout

Суббота, сентября 10 2016 06: 06
Gout - a chronic disease associated with impaired purine (urate) exchange. It is accompanied by accumulation of uric acid in the body and deposition of urate in joints, tendons, skin, kidney. Clinical manifestation of gout is the inflammation of the joints (arthritis), the deposition of uric acid in the kidney. Education urate (uric acid) stones - final display of a special kind of uric acid metabolism disorders, ...
1 application. The chemical composition of food products (by IM Skurikhina, MN Volgarevu, 1987). Product Water Protein ml, g Fat, g Mono- and Disa parrotfish, g Starch, Mr. Cleto Chatka, Mr. Ash legumes Peas 14,0 20,5 2,0 4,6 44,0 5,7 2,8 Beans 14,0 21,0 2,0 3,2 43,4 3,9 3,6 Soy ...

Preparation of dietary meals in the home.

Thursday, September 08 2016 17: 06
Preparing a meal for a sick person, you should strive to maintain the nutritional value of the products used, giving them the required flavor and medicinal properties. Therefore essential in the preparation of dietary dishes are ways of cooking products. At the same time allocate primary culinary processing of foodstuff and various (first of all thermal) ways of cooking of them ...

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