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Poisoning seed kernels of fruits

Poisoning seed kernels of fruitsThere were poisoned after eating large amounts of kernels of bitter almonds, kernels of seeds of fruits like peach, apricot, plum, cherry. Grains of these stone fruits contain glycoside amygdalin, which is in the digestive system breaks down to form hydrogen cyanide.
In mild cases of poisoning manifests headache and nausea. In severe poisoning defeat of the respiratory center leads to respiratory paralysis and death, which may occur within a few minutes or hours.
In 100 g bitter almonds contain 0,25 g of hydrocyanic acid, which is about 5 lethal dose for an adult. In 5-10 nuclei contained a lethal dose for a young child.
Eating even a small amount of purified of bitter apricot kernels (about 60-80 g) can cause fatal poisoning. Therefore, the use of bitter almonds in confectionery manufacture is limited. Limited also insisting stone fruit in the production of alcoholic beverages.
Solanine poisoning. Solanine is a part of healthy potatoes in small quantities. However, with prolonged exposure to light on the tubers due to poor hilling and improper storage in the green, sprouted potatoes, the content of solanine increases dramatically, especially in sprouts and peel. Solanine is thermostable, so poisoning can occur when eating dishes from such potatoes. Potatoes containing solanine, bitter taste, when used, there is a scratching in the throat.
The poisoning is manifested by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache. In severe cases there may be a violation of consciousness, seizures. Solanine poisoning potatoes rare, as the basic amount of it is removed from the skin.
In order to prevent poisoning potatoes should be stored in dark rooms, be sure to remove the germs. Before cooking the potatoes should be thoroughly cleaned from germs and ko¬zhury with the green with a layer. Boil potatoes should be drained, as it becomes soluble in water solanine.
Potatoes, causing scratching and burning feeling in the throat, can not be used.
Poisoning Fasini. The white beans contain toxic substance Fasini, which is usually destroyed during cooking. Fasini poisoning observed in children after they had eaten raw beans, as well as in adults after consuming food prepared from flour fasolievoy subjected to a brief heat treatment.
Production and sale of flour fasolievoy prohibited.

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