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Feeding the people of intellectual labor

Feeding the people of intellectual laborWhen mental work in connection with an unloaded the musculoskeletal system (physical inactivity) power should be moderate. Composing diet must be strictly taken into account the body's need for energy in order to avoid the increase of body weight and obesity.
Feeding the people of intellectual labor must be complete. This means that they consume foods must contain all biologically valuable substances necessary for the body in a certain amount and the optimal ratio.
When mental work increased need for protein. Therefore, in the diet should be protein 13% of daily caloric food. Of particular importance are food components having protivoskleroticheskim and lipotropic properties, in particular methionine amino acid containing sulfur. The sources of methionine and other sulfur-containing amino acids are cottage cheese, cheese, chicken, salmon, cod, herring.
According to the number of sulfur-containing proteins are distinguished beans and fish. Lipotropic and protivoskleroticheskoe action have tocopherols, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, choline and inositol.
In connection with the great neuropsychic and emotional stress, in which the body heavily uses vitamins, mental workers can develop vitamin deficiency. Therefore, in the diet should include foods that contain enough vitamins, including stimulating redox reactions. This property is possessed by almost all vitamins, but especially riboflavin, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid, etc. Prevention of vitamin deficiency is essential in maintaining the working capacity of people of mental work.
Fats also contain biologically valuable components needed for the human body engaged in intellectual work. Thus, polyunsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, vegetable oils and improve the exchange of cholesterol fats inhibit peroxidation of cell membranes. Butter contains fat-soluble vitamins. However, the caloric fat part of the diet should not exceed 33% total caloric food. This means that the energy consumption 10 467 kJ daily intake of fat should be 80-90 g
The diet of people of intellectual labor is necessary to limit carbohydrates, especially simple. Increased consumption of sugar (more than 50 grams per day) for a sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to weight gain and obesity.
Important in ensuring the biological full value of the diet of people of mental work is the inclusion in it of a large number of vegetables and fruits - rich sources of vitamins, mineral salts, sitosterols. An obligatory component of nutrition of this category of the population are fermented milk products: curdled milk, kefir, buttermilk, whey, and cream 10% fat. The 100 energy of a cream of the specified fat content is only 519 kJ, but they contain 5-6 times more retinol (vitamin A) than in milk. It is advisable to eat one egg a day, as in the egg yolk a lot of lecithin, and in the protein there are essential amino acids in the optimal ratio.
Bakery products prёdpochtitelnee use of wholemeal flour.
Instead of sugar, use fructose useful. Since fructose is more than 1,5 times sweeter than sucrose, is to meet the needs of her sweet little need. Thus, to maintain normal metabolism and optimal performance during mental work in the body should do the energy, the plastic and the catalyst substance (fructose, amino acids, vitamins, fats, fatty acids, lecithin, etc.). In this connection it should be possible to vary the power of people engaged in intellectual work.
People with mental labor need to eat food 4-5 times a day, as a result of which a uniform load on the digestive system is created. Avoid eating food at bedtime. Dinner should be 3-4 hours before going to bed. In order to prevent the deposition of fat, shifting food intake in the late evening is unacceptable. With five meals a day, the distribution of the daily energy value of food can be as follows: for the first breakfast - 20%, for the second breakfast - 15%, for lunch - 35%, for afternoon tea - 10%, for dinner - 20%

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