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Meals with yeast and bran

Meals with yeast and branAs a source of protein, B vitamins, minerals and nutritional dietary fiber used in clinical nutrition compressed baker's yeast and organic wheat bran, which are added to various foods and dishes.
To get rid of the specific smell and taste of yeast, they are crushed and poured with warm water. The mixture is stirred to form a mass without lumps. Add to the resulting mixture of table salt at the rate of 25 g for 1 kg of yeast and placed in a pan with a thick bottom, it is heated to a boil over a small fire with constant stirring. Boil is maintained until a thick, light brown syrup forms. To add to the first dishes and sauces, the amount of yeast syrup is adjusted by evaporation to 60% of the initial mass of the mixture, in the second dishes - up to 40%. The resulting yeast syrup is added to vegetable soups (according to 30-50 ml per serving) or to the second course (30-35 ml per serving).
For the preparation of yeast (crumb), used in the preparation of second courses, the yeast is ground and ground in a saucepan with a small amount of warm water to a consistency of thick sour cream. The resulting mass is poured onto the sieve with a greased pan or frying pan and heated with constant stirring to form dark brown lumps. To the obtained lumps, butter is added at the rate of 5 g to 100 g of yeast and the mixture is triturated by heating until a dry, fine grains is formed. From 1 kg of yeast, 300 g of yeast cereals is obtained, which is added to puddings, cereals, etc. Yeast can be prepared from broth (50 g yeast, 30 g wheat flour per 1 l water and bay leaf).
Soup with meat and cheese and yeast. 
Boiled meat mince 2-3 times, combined with the white sauce and boil, season with salt, grated cheese and raw egg yolks, and then mixed with cream. Yeast is diluted with cold water and boil 30-40 minutes, filtered and injected into the soup. For 15 minutes to feed the soup sprinkled with grated nutmeg. Dish is recommended for diets and the number 9 15.
Vegetable caviar with yeast.
Cabbage and carrots are chopped into strips and pripuskayut until half. Onions and tomatoes saute in vegetable oil and combine with finely chopped sweet pepper, then extinguish to readiness. After quenching administered yeast crumb. The mixture was passed through a meat grinder and fed to the table eggs cold. It is recommended for diets № 8, 9 and 15.
Pate with yeast. 
In baking pressed yeast is added table salt at the rate of 2 100 g per g of yeast, ko¬torye ground to a creamy mass. This added weight of the flour and stirring constantly fry in butter with chopped onions until paste consistency. In 500 g Pressed yeast used 35 g flour, 100 g onion, 60 and 10 g fat g of salt. The pate can add crushed rye or wheat crackers (in 20 100 g per g of yeast), which reduces its viscosity. It recommended for №9i 15 diets.
Terrine of yeast and hematogen. 
Yeast pound rump cold boiled water, add hematogenous crumbs, crushed crackers, chopped onions and salt. Here you can add sour cream and grated cheese. The mixture is kneaded until smooth and fried to paste consistency. On one portion of chips used hematogenous 40 g, yeast cereals - 30 g, water boiled - 50 g, crushed crackers - 25 g, onions - 5 g, salt - 2, the dish is recommended for diets and the number 9 15.
Yeast drink. 
The dried crumbs of rye bread, pour boiling water and insist at room temperature 4 hours after which the infusion is filtered. Filtered infusion 25 g yeast poured and the mixture was heated to a temperature 80 ° C, then cooled to room temperature and add the remaining 5 g yeast. The thus prepared beverage is left at room temperature to ferment for 6-8 hours and then put in a refrigerator. Before serving, you can add sugar, honey (for a number of diets and 10 15), lemon or orange zest. Yeast drink can be prepared without sugar or honey (for a number of diets and 8 9).
Natural wheat bran is a source of B vitamins, magnesium salts and nutritional dietary fiber. Articles containing bran, is recommended for patients with essential hypertension, obesity, diabetes, colitis, constipation, as well as in various lesions of the nervous system.
For the preparation of bran bezuglevodistyh used in obesity and diabetes, the bran was placed in a gauze bag under cold running water, periodically pressing, as long as the water is clear (about 2 h). Then the bag was immersed in a bran pan of boiling water and boiled 30 minutes, after which they are washed with cold water. This operation is repeated twice. After the second boiling and rinsing under running water bran water is drained and dried in an unheated bran Ovens.
Dried yeast was passed twice through a meat grinder.
Bran is added to dishes of vegetables, cereals, flour products.
Buckwheat porridge with bran and onions. 
After perebiraniya and drying in Ovens buckwheat boiled in salted water. The crumbly buckwheat introduced browned onions and roasted to a reddish-colored bran. Before serving, add the butter. It is recommended for diets № 3, 8, 9, 10 and 15. 
Pies bran with beets. 50 g of dried and sieved wheat bran mixed with 50 g wheat flour, two egg yolks, sour cream, and Mr. 30 5 g butter. The finished weight is divided by the cake and put in the middle of each boiled grated beets (100 g all tortillas). The edges of the cakes are combined, lubricated with oil (15 g) and bake in the oven. Recommended for diets 4, 8, 9 and 10.
Pies bran. 
Milled bran combined with cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs and butter, kneaded and cooled in teche¬nie 15-20 minutes before 10-15 ° C. Dough formed cakes are wrapped in minced meat, made of cabbage, meat or cheese. To prepare the stuffing fresh cabbage chop and stew with milk and butter, then add the chopped eggs and parsley. In minced meat add finely chopped browned onion and fry until gotov¬nosti. The cooled minced meat is put chopped eggs and herbs. Recommended for diets № 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10.
Butter cakes of bran. 
In boiling cream poured bran, the whole was stirred and cooled. The warm mixture was injected cheese, butter, eggs, honey or xylitol and mix again. Dough form small cakes and bake. Recommended for diets and the number 8 9 (without honey), 4 and 10.
Kvass from wheat bran. Wheat bran (100 g) was poured into 1 liters of boiling water and boiled 1 hours, then cooled and filtered. In the broth add sugar and 75 25 g g yeast, put in a warm place for fermentation.

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