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Dietolechenie at home

semi-finished products for the diet.In order to better serve people in need of dietary nutrition at home, launched production of semi-finished products and dietary nutrition.
Dietary products are divided into two groups. The first is a mechanically and chemically sparing the patient body products. They contain little fiber in foods of plant origin and extractives in meat and fish. This rice, oats, buckwheat flour, homogenized canned vegetables, fruits and berries, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, eggs diet.
The second group of dietary products include products that contribute to the regulation of impaired metabolism. This is accomplished by the enrichment of some natural products with vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, lipotropic substances or the restriction of certain substances (simple carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, extractives, spices, table salt, etc.). Such dietary products are produced by the industry quite a lot: bakery products (bran buns and bread with lecithin, protein-wheat and protein-bran bread, protein-free and salt-free bread), confectionery products with xylitol (jams and preserves, candies and canned fruits), dietary oil And "Health" oil, which contains 35% vegetable oil and 65% milk fat.
In large cities for home medical supply products are widely used, purchased in the dietary shops. In cases where dietary products can not be purchased in stores, have the support of therapeutic cooking, the principles of which physicians usually detail introduced seeking dietetics, their family members in a conversation or through 
special scientific and popular literature for patients as dietary meals in the home.
In therapeutic culinary for the mechanical and chemical shchazheniya organs of the digestive apparatus apply various technological methods. To reduce mechanical irritation of the mucous membranes, food products are crushed: boiled meat is cut into small pieces or passed through a meat grinder, while preparing the cutlet mass, the starting products are passed twice through a fine grinder of the meat mincer, and water or milk is added to the finished mass. Cartilages, coarse connective and integumentary tissue (fish, birds) are previously removed. Of vegetables, mashed potatoes, of cereals - viscous porridge. To prepare mucous soups, the groats are cooked until complete digestion, after which they are wiped through a sieve and boiled again, or before grilling the soups, grinds, for example, on a coffee grinder.
Chemical sparing the mucous membranes is provided by a decrease in the amount of extractives products (during cooking), mineral salts, an exception of dishes onion, garlic, spices. Do not recommend fried dishes, meat and fish broth. The best way the cooking product to provide a body shchazhenija chemical pulping such as finely chopped product is immersed in cold water. Steaming leads to a significantly lower loss of extractives.
To limit the carbohydrates in food, in addition to exclusion from the diet of sugar and products thereof, potato recommended soaking in cold water for hours 12 In diabetes and obesity often use drinks and sweet dishes with sugar substitutes -. Sorbitol or xylitol.
In order to reduce revenues in the human body calcium in the diet to limit milk and dairy products, leafy greens, some varieties of apples.
If for reasons of health the patient requires increased power, for example, tuberculosis, ways of culinary processing should maksimaltso preserve the nutritional value of products and promote appetite excitation. In this case meat and fish fry; vegetables and fruits consumed mainly raw; widely used spices, roots. The diet includes high amounts of simple carbohydrates, the best honey and sweet fruit dishes.
Organizing clinical nutrition at home, should take care of the maximum variety of a diet. In this case you must be sure to periodically consult with a physician or dietician. Diet food, as well as other types of treatment carried out by self-medication type, does not lead without proper medical supervision and correction of the desired result.

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