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The diet recommended by the European Society for the Study of Atherosclerosis

1. FATS: Recommendation: Limit the intake of all fats.
Limited reception: Butter and margarine containing polyunsaturated fatty acids in large amounts. Oil: Sunflower, corn, saffron, soybean, olive, cottonseed.
\Not recommended: Oil and fat obtained during roasting of meat and meat products, lard, coconut oil. Margarines without a note on the high content of unsaturated fats. Overflowed or vegetable oil of unknown origin. Hydrogenated oils and margarines.
2.MEAT: Recommended: chicken, turkey, veal, rabbit, game (wild duck, partridge, hare)
Limited reception: Lean beef, bacon, ham, minced lean beef, liver and kidneys.
Not recommended: Meat with visible fat, brisket and ribs lamb, pork (meat from the region. Belly), with layers of fat bacon, sausages, salami, pate, eggs and meat, duck, goose, meat paste, poultry skin.
3.DAIRY: Recommended: Skim milk, low-fat cheese (eg, cottage cheese), cheese made from skim milk, of crud. Yogurt with low fat content. Egg white.
Limited reception: semi-skimmed milk, cheese average fat content (Eden, Camembert). Melting, pasty cheeses. 1-3 eggs a week. Bold cheeses.
Not recommended: Unexpunged milk, evaporated and condensed milk, cream, whipped cream. Fatty cheeses: Cheddar, Cheshire, etc. Creamy cheeses. The fat yogurt.
4.A FISH: Recommended: all “white” fish: cod, hoddok, flounder. Fat fish, mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon (chum, pink salmon, salmon)
Limited reception: Fish cooked in suitable oil. Molluscs. Marine crustaceans.
Not recommended: Caviar fish.
5.FRUITS VEGETABLES: Recommended: All fresh and frozen vegetables, peas, beans, olives. Dried legumes: peas, beans, lentils. Cooked potatoes (peeled or “in their uniforms” (eating peel when possible). Fresh fruits, unsweetened canned fruits, walnuts, chestnuts.
Limited reception: fried, stewed potatoes cooked in suitable oil. Fruits in syrup. Candied fruit. Almond. Hazelnut.
Not recommended: Fried, stewed potatoes (if it is cooked in the oil unusable). Potato chips, crisp.
6.3LAKI: Recommended: meal (wholemeal) bread from it, whole (whole) grains, oat, wheat flour. Oatmeal. Unpolished rice and rice paste. Rusks cooked in the oven. Oat cookies. Unleavened bread.
Limited reception: white flour, white bread, sugary cereals for breakfast, polished (white) rice and pasta from it. Average semisweet biscuit. Sponge cake prepared with water.
Not recommended: Cakes. Sponge cakes with spicy cheese. Confectionery (cookies, cakes), bought in the store.
7.BAKERY PRODUCTS: Recommended: low-fat puddings: jelly, sorbet, puddings from skimmed milk, low-fat seasoning (sauce).
Limited reception: cakes, confectionery, biscuits and spices cooked in suitable oil or margarine. Homemade snacks unsaturated fats.
Not recommended: Cakes, puddings, biscuits on saturated fats. Dumplings, interior fat puddings. Seasonings on cream and butter. All puddings and condiments purchased at the store. Snacks cooked in boiling oil (fried side dishes). Milk ice cream.
8.BEVERAGES: Recommended: Tea, coffee, mineral water, unsweetened drinks, fruit juices without sugar. "Clean" soups. Homemade vegetable soups. Low alcohol beer.
Limited reception: Sweet drinks malosolodovye drinks, liquid chocolate with a low fat content (rare). Packet soups, meat soups. Alcohol.
Not recommended: Irish coffee (coffee with cream and alcohol), rich in fat malted drinks, chocolate, creamy soups.
9.CANNED FOOD, SWEETS: Recommended: “Clean” marinades. Sugar-free sweets: saccharin tablets or liquid sweets on aspartame.
Ogrnichenny reception: Sweet pickles and condiments (from fruits, peppers), which are fed to the cold meat (curry). Marmalade. Honey. Syrups. Marzipan. Peanut butter. Lemon curd. Hot sweets. Candy, peppermints, sugar, sorbitol, glucose, fructose.
Not recommended: Chocolate creams, mincemeat on animal fats. Toffees. Sweets. Cream whipping the resulting oil and sugar. Chocolate.
10.OSTALNOE: Recommended: herbs, spices, mustard, pepper, vinegar. Low-fat seasonings: lemon yogurt.
Limited reception: Meat and fish paste, low-calorie cream and mayonnaise. Bottle sauces. French seasonings. Soy sauce.
Not recommended: Traditional salad cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese or cream containing seasonings.
NOTES TO dietary recommendations
“Recommended” foods are foods that are low in fat and / or high in pectin fibers.
The foods listed in the “limited intake” section contain polyunsaturated fats or a small amount of saturated fat. If your diet will contain a small amount of fat, these foods are acceptable limited. For example: "red" meat (limited intake) - i.e. no more than three times a week, medium-fat cheeses and fish pastes - once a week, or homemade cookies, biscuits, pastries prepared using suitable (containing polyunsaturated fats) margarine or butter - twice a week, or fried potatoes (baked) cooked in appropriate oil once every two weeks. The foods listed in the “not recommended” section contain a large amount of saturated fat and should be excluded from the diet as much as possible.

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