Whisky, as a raw material and medicine.

Friday, April 29 2016 07: 24
Whiskey - one of the most popular alcoholic beverage of our time. And over the past few years, it is a leader in the world in terms of sales of all alcoholic beverages. The huge popularity of the drink partly due to the diversity of varieties, species, various additives, blends - from Canadian and Irish whiskey to the Bourbon of ...

Place cookies in a food

Monday, October 26 2015 14: 04
Place cookies in a food in many countries of cookies has become a traditional and an important staple food. For most people, food - the most important socio-cultural component. Growing public awareness of the problems of food intolerance.

Beer in the kitchen.

Friday, September 18 2015 06: 58
In order to brew beer at home, you need to have inspiration, desire and a good mood. And a spacious kitchen without negative energy and a small set of dishes. Raw materials necessary for brewing beer, you need to prepare in advance. Arm yourself with malt and hops. However, the latter is sometimes replaced by yeast. And remember: you do not brew beer for ...
Program prerequisites for food safety for the design and production of packaging materials for food products. (PAS-223) Foreword These open specifications (PAS) have been prepared by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and establish requirements for mandatory programs that provide control of food safety. These specifications (PAS 223) intended for use in conjunction with standard EN ISO 22000 with ...
safety management system of food - to the organization of production chains and postavki1 Requirements Area primeneniyaNastoyaschy International Standard specifies requirements for a system, food safety management, if the organization is party to the food production chain needs to demonstrate its ability to manage the factors causing the danger of food in order to guarantee, that the food product is safe for ...

Planning and creation of safe products.

Friday, February 08 2013 07: 55
1.1 polozheniya.Organizatsiya General shall plan and develop the processes needed to create safe products. The organization should adopt, implement and ensure the effectiveness of planned activities, and any changes. This includes BDP and BDP operating and / or HACCP plan.1.2 Basic Program (BDP) .1.2.1 organization shall establish, implement and maintain a basic program (BDP), providing ...

Taste and flavor memory

Wednesday, October 03 2012 07: 08
With a balanced diet along with nutritional value is also important to consider the taste of dishes. For the perception of taste is very important food temperature. Dishes are varied not only by the composition of their constituent products and design, but also on temperature. It is no accident in the kitchen there are the terms "cold food" and "hot dishes". It should be hot ...

Fried foods

Wednesday, October 03 2012 06: 43
Frying. If fried foods are heated with fat without adding liquid. Fat protects the product from sticking, provides uniform heating and improves the taste of food and increase its calorie content. From a technological point of view, great importance is the temperature of the fat smoke as it characterizes the beginning of the destruction of deep zhirov.Temperatura smoke less often in vegetable fats, especially in ...

Heat treatment products.

Wednesday, October 03 2012 06: 36
Heat treatment products. Depending on the intended purpose of the crude product, or directly exposed to high temperature, or by slowly warming gradually adjusted to the desired temperatury.Teplovaya treatment often is the final stage of cooking, but sometimes it is preceded by cold treatment (wiping, cutting, cleaning, and so on. Etc. ).. This is the case in the manufacture of some of the ...

Cold food processing.

Wednesday, October 03 2012 06: 25
Cold food processing. Cold food processing covers range of activities that involve high labor costs. The use of the most advanced and efficient methods and techniques preserves nutrients, to provide high quality products and to facilitate the work rabotayuschego.Pischevye substances (carbohydrates, proteins, and so on. D.), Especially in products vegetation origin races are in ...

Zakvaskï "Gold Leuven LV1"

Thursday, August 16 2012 15: 49
The use of starter cultures for resource-saving technology of preparation of bakery products from wheat flour on zakvaskahAndreev AN, Associate Professor, This e-mail address is protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view. , Pleshanova NN aspirant.Sankt-Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food tehnologiyV paper compares the starter cultures Saf-Saf and LV1 Leven Leven LV4 to remove the leaven for white bread from wheat flour. As a control sample was ...
Sanitary rules and norms SanPiN "Production of bread, bakery and confectionery products" (approved by the Decree of the State Committee on September 25 1996, the N 20.) Production of bread, cakes and confectionaries date of implementation - with the approval of 1 Content. Scope 2. Normative references 3. 3.1 requirements. General 3.2 position. to the territory of the requirements ...

Termoformovochno-vakuumupakovochnыe lines

Friday, November 11 2011 07: 56

Machines for vacuum packaging of foodstuffs

Friday, November 11 2011 07: 43

Filling and packaging vertical

Friday, November 11 2011 07: 38

Testozakatochnaya installation

Thursday, November 10 2011 16: 21

Rotary kiln 250

Thursday, November 10 2011 16: 09

Equipment for capping of packages

Thursday, November 10 2011 13: 40

Water coolers, refrigerated tables

Thursday, November 10 2011 13: 12

Tables refrigerators

Thursday, November 10 2011 12: 44

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