General advice on choosing nutritional supplements

General advice on choosing nutritional supplementsFood additives used in the manufacture of confectionery products

 General advice on choosing nutritional supplements

The choice of food additives includes an assessment of both technological and economic aspects. Therefore, engineers must substantiate selection of a particular food additive supply department employees.

When choosing a dietary supplement, the technologist needs to know about it as follows:

1) whether the additive provides the properties of the food product that are expected from its use;

2) compliance with which physicochemical, microbiological and other indicators of the additive is fundamentally important for your production and what is the permissible range of variation of these indicators, as well as imagine the problems that may arise in your production when leaving this interval;

3) what are the conditions and shelf life of the additive, as well as whether they can be provided at your enterprise;

4) what are the optimal dosage of the additive and its consumption per shift, week, month, year;

5) what documents accompany the delivery and whether they meet the requirements for documentary support of food additives.

It is advisable to purchase a new additive, as well as when changing provider visit and get acquainted with its production, laboratory and quality control system.

Substances that improve color, aroma and taste Food colors

Dietary supplements, food coloring in different colors. In use, both natural and synthetic substances [7,28,59] as a food coloring. Fresh or dry milled plant material, juice, jam or other similar products having a secondary coloring effect and used for coloring of food, do not refer to the dyes and are not considered food additives, since they can be used as food or typical food ingredients [147 , 148].

Dyes in different countries is called in different ways, in addition, they are often sold under the trademarks. To identify the dyes exist reference Colour Index (S. I.). In this directory each dye specific chemical structure is assigned a five-digit number, and lists its various names. This information is published in Russian in the work [132].

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