Mobilometr Gardner

Mobilometr Gardner

This device was originally recommended in 1932, the American Association of Newspaper Publishers for measuring ink consistency. The possibility of its use in the manufacture of chocolate has been studied, and it proved to be a reliable and inexpensive means of determining the plastic viscosity and yield value.

The device consists of a vertically positioned on a flat surface and the front vertical cylinder through which a predetermined load by a predetermined distance down over time and move the bracket mounted on the plunger. Under the action of gravity of the plunger fluid is displaced upwards through four holes in the disc of the plunger.

The plunger is a piston rod whose lower end is attached to the screw drive (s 51 4 or holes or solid), whereas the upper end of the hollow support pallet which can be loaded separately. The weight of all of the plunger is 100 g, including the drive, the piston rod and the tray without load.

Chocolate for measuring the temperature adjusted to 40 ° C, for a tube filled 1 cm from the top. The piston performs a single movement up and down to remove air bubbles. The piston rod is marked in centimeters, and to determine the viscosity record time spent on his dive to 10 cm.

Then, the upper tray is put the cargo and repeat the test. By changing the load is removed a number of indications, from which one can calculate the plastic viscosity and yield value.

It should be noted that between the viscometer and mobilometra Gaaki there is good agreement, and is now further studies are conducted.

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