Categories of fire hazard




Categories of fire hazard


Category fire risk premises (buildings,  Fire cover) - a classification characteristic fire risk object, determined by the amount and properties of the fire-hazardous substances and materials that are (rotate) them allowing for the processes deployed in their production.


Categories areas defined by consistent checking premises belonging to the categories listed in tabl.1 from higher to lower D And according to ONTP 24-86.



  Table 1



Characteristic of speech and material, which is known (enveloped) in primishchennі




Combustible gazi, easily radiated Ridin with a temperature no more than 28   ° C in takіy kіlkostі, scho uzhut uvoryuvatsya vibuonebezpechnі parogazopovіtryanі sumіshі, in razі spalahuvannya ivy rozvivyatsya roshunkukovy nadliskovy visk vibukhu in primishchennі, scho transferring 5 app. Rachovini ta materіli, zdatnі vibuhati і gіtіti at vzakєmodії with water, a vodny vovitrya or one z one at takіy kіlkostі, sc rorahunkovly nadliskovy rye at primishchennі perepischuє 5 kPa;


        Б    (vibuhopozheoneonezpechna)


Combustible saws abo fiber, LZR s temperature spalah more 28   ° C GH in takіy kіlkostі scho mozhut stvoryuvati vibuhonebezpechnі pilopovіtryanі abo paropovіtryanі sumіshі, y razі spalahuvannya yakih rozvivaєtsya rozrahunkovy nadlishkovy TISK vibuhu in primіschennі scho perevischuє 5 kPa;





Combustion і important combustion іdini, solid combustible і important combusting materials, (in addition there are sawn that fiber), speeches, and water, with vodka, water, acidity, and in one good way, in search of water and water, after a short period of time, after one hour, you can find it in order to find the same way to find the same way. Abo wrap, do not stay up to categories A and B;




Non-combustible materials in hot, roasted or melted steel, the process of cooling is carried out in a superheated heat, short half the heat; combustible gas, redin and solid speech, cobble down abo ukilіzuyutsya yak palivo;



 Negoryuchy rehovini і materials in a cold stan. Allow zarahovuvati to category categorical, at yaky rozm_shchen_ GR in systems zmashvuvannya, cooling, gіdroprivodu possession, in no more than 60 kg, in one case, the drain is no worse than 0,2 MPa, cable wiring before possession, Okrem_ items on furniture.



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