Žirovoe posedenie - a brief summary

Žirovoe posedenie - a brief summary
Reader, have only recently begun to study the question of confectionery technology, the above information about fat graying can confuse and even lead to the despair of those who do not quite represent the crystalline structure of cocoa butter and other fats used in conjunction with it. At present, the efforts of scientists and process engineers created equipment and technology developed, taking into account the special requirements for the production of products with chocolate and other types of glazing.

Sometimes IP equipmentIt uses incorrectly or exceed the recommended carrying capacity.

Below we provide a summary of the main points that you should pay particular attention to technologies confectionery manufacture:

1.  The chocolate must be sufficiently free from impurities and conched to ensure that solid substances (sugar, dry milk, cocoa powder) are evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of cocoa butter.

2.  Of paramount importance is the proper conduct of chocolate tempering. The methods used are described in the sections "Production of chocolate" and "Glazing".

During production should ensure compliance with the following requirements:

a) when using the viscous chocolate mass, which may be done to conserve the cocoa butter, or in order to apply on glaziruemye confectionery thicker chocolate layer, is unacceptable to the equipment operator to increase the fluidity excessively increased temperature as thus to a dangerously low level of reduced quality of temper;

b) in the case of using tempering machines with automatic temperature control, adjust the machines to the recommended production volume, even if the employees of the enterprise want to do it differently. If you want to produce chocolate with excellent tempering, you should install an additional tempering machine and use both machines at the same time;

c) the number of seed crystals should be periodically determined using a "temperature meter" for this, since the readings of the instruments on the tempering machine may be inaccurate.

3. It is necessary to cool the products moderately. Especially it concerns chocolate products covered with glaze. Details of cooling products are highlighted in the section "Technologies for the production of chocolate", but in the first stages of cooling it is important not to allow exposure to cold air. Cases of confectionery products before the application of chocolate glaze should become warm, for which they are usually kept for some time in the coating shop. The temperature of the shells should not be lower than 24 ° C; Depending on the viscosity of the chocolate and the size of the body, a higher temperature (up to 29,4 ° C) is permissible. When this temperature is exceeded, the chocolate drains from the products, forming a protruding uneven edge in the lower part.

Forms in which the molded chocolate slabs, also be heated before being deposited into the chocolate which, if added in the chocolate nuts, raisins, biscuits or similar ingredients, their temperature also should be brought to a temperature of chocolate.

Do not add extraneous fat chocolate mass, except for those that are considered acceptable for this purpose. When producing products with a filling which may seep from low-melting fats or oils using additive preventing graying, for example, milk fat.

We can not allow workers warm hands touch to the products, which has recently been applied to chocolate coating; should ubeditsI that the articles are cooled sufficiently from the lower side, since it allows them to be easily separated from the conveyor belt cooler. Scratches or fingerprints contribute to the appearance of gray hair.

Storage of the finished chocolate should be in a cool place, in most cases acceptable temperature by up to 10 13 ° C; for chocolate chip cookies with a fatty filling preferred temperature to 7 10 ° C.

Sometimes it is used for long term storage deep freezing, where the product is stored at about -10 ° C. This method should be applied for the storage of chocolate shells that contain sweet butter or which can become rancid, while remaining in an insufficiently cooled warehouse.

When removing fillings certain precautions should be taken from cold storage, as it can condense a large amount on the outer surface of the boxes. To protect shells before they reach the room temperature, the trays with the product can be packaged in shrink film.

In the manufacture of products in the glaze composition in which the cocoa butter in addition include other fats, other conditions required to ensure the tempering, cooling and storage; conditions are determined based on the characteristics of the fat.

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