Cold storage

Equipment for refrigerated storage is widespread and varies considerably in size and capacity, which depend on the specific applications.

Temperature Monitoring Tools

Hand-held temperature probes: a) different probes to measure

The European standard for thermography thermometers

Given the diversity of national requirements and test methods for thermographs (temperature recorders) and thermometers used in the transportation of quick frozen .

Packaged in a vacuum

Removal of cholesterol in the package using immobilized enzyme

Packaged under vacuum (TA) - is a common method of packaging of refrigerated foods such as raw red meat, dried meat, and cheese.

Microorganisms cause spoilage

The effect of temperature on the generation of L. monocytogenes and Y. enterocolitica

Microbial spoilage of refrigerated products may take various forms, but normally they are a consequence of microbial growth, which manifests itself in changing organoleptic properties.