Frozen food

Storage and transportation of refrigerated products

Вторник, 22 2016 11 ноября: 34
Р. Д. Хип, Cambridge Refrigeration Technology

Cold storage

Вторник, 22 2016 10 ноября: 21
Equipment for cold storage and widely varies considerably in size and power, are dependent on specific applications.

Monitoring and measurement of temperature *

Friday, November 18 2016 16: 21
М. Л. Вульф, Food Standards Agency, London

Temperature Monitoring Tools

Friday, November 18 2016 15: 00
The European standard for thermography thermometers Given the diversity of national requirements and test methods for thermographs (temperature recorder) and thermometers used for transportation of frozen foods in the EU Member States in the framework of Directive 92 / 1 / EC [7], and the growing importance of temperature control in refrigerated and frozen foods, the European Centre for standards (European Centre for standards, ...
Work indicators discussed above temperature monitoring in terms of display indications ambient temperature, food or models, but also can be used change the physicochemical properties that lead to a change of the indicator to display

Packaging chilled foods

Friday, November 18 2016 11: 03
Б. П. Ф. Дей,Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association

Packaged in a vacuum

Thursday, November 17 2016 17: 56
Packaged under vacuum (TA) - is a common method of packaging of refrigerated foods such as raw red meat, dried meat, and cheese.

Microbiology chilled foods

Thursday, November 17 2016 16: 59
С. Дж. Уокер и Г. Бете, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association

Microorganisms cause spoilage

Thursday, November 17 2016 15: 34
Microbial spoilage of refrigerated products may take various forms, but normally they are a consequence of microbial growth, which manifests itself in changing organoleptic properties.

Prognosticheskaya microbiology

Thursday, November 17 2016 12: 33
As noted above, low temperatures are not completely prevent the growth of microorganisms,
Р. П. Бете, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association
Abiotic synthesis of ATP in the extracellular medium is known [104], but it is generally accepted that such sources of ATP are very rare [62].

Hybridization of nucleic acids. Nucleic acids

Wednesday, November 16 2016 13: 54
The specific characteristics of any particular organism depend on the sequence of nucleic acids contained in its genome.
GM Brown and MN Hall, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association 9.1.Vvedenie As the market expanded and chilled products become more competitive, the requirements for diversity, quality and duration of the retention period. To meet these requirements with full responsibility, security compliance while maintaining the profitability necessary to understand and address the factors ...
Fermentativnoe potemnenie
nemikrobiologicheskoy Security Issues chilled products are rarely the result of the low temperature when the refrigeration storage or exacerbated this impact. Some of them are caused by a combination of certain ingredients or minimal processing, which allows for the subsequent cold storage. In most cases, a reasonable choice of raw materials and carefully planned monitoring program, based on an evaluation of independent ...

Determining shelf life and control test

Вторник, 15 2016 18 ноября: 30
G. L. Betts and Everis, Satrs1ep aps1 S1yug1eu \ ¥ 00s [Boos! Iezeags Azeospaop

Simulation of the retention period

Вторник, 15 2016 16 ноября: 10
As noted above, one of the most important factors in determining the shelf life of the product - is the possibility of microbial growth,

Shelf life at full-scale production

Вторник, 15 2016 15 ноября: 29
The aim is to provide full-scale production of the product for sale.

Microbiological risks and designing safe processes

Вторник, 15 2016 13 ноября: 21
М. Г. Браун, Unilever Research, г. Шарнбрук

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