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Requirements for water.

Requirements for water. Water
For vigotovlennya tista water is guilty v_dpovіdati such vimogam (TOST 2874 - 82):
smell and taste with 20 and 60 ° C, Bali, no more than 2
coloral for scale, hail, no more than 20
Well those for permission sanepіdemluzhbi, not more 35
kalamutnist for scale, mg / l, not more 1,5
Zagalnaya zhorstkist, mg-ekv. / l, not more 7
those for the permission of Sanepidismus, mb-eq. / l, not more than 10
dry stock, mg / l 1000
those for the sanpedemdebsby, mg / l 1500
vmst, mg / l:
chlorides 350
500 sulfate
zinc 5,0
polyphosphate 3,5
міді 1,0
manganese 0,1
Zalіza for the sanction 1,0 sanepіdemluzhbi
manganese for permission sanpepdemluzhbi 0,5
pH 6,5-9,0

Sanctuary of the water for the harvested trees is characterized by a degree of obsession with microorganisms, with a chickens' intestinal obstruction. The standard has been converted, just kaklіst bacter_y when settled 1 ml of water, as a yak is assigned to k_lk_styu colonіy p_slya 24 -first of all events at temperatures 37 ° С, it is no less 100; Kishkina gut palikhok in 1 l vodi (kolі-їdeks) - not more 3, kіlkist mіlіlіtrіv vodi, on the yak pripadeє one kishkova palichka (koli-titre), - not less than 300.
Zhorstk_st vodi vrazhayut u viglyadі sumi mіlіgram-ekvіvalentіkh ı іonі à Mg, umto m_styatsya in 1 l vodi (1 mg ¥ eqv.

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