The technology of bread and bakery products

Requirements pryannoschiv, juices of fruit and berry concentrates

dried Grapesdried Grapes
Drying grapes as per GOST 6882 — 88 virobylyat offensive views: without us (bed, soyag, sabza sonyachna that piling,
shigani); for us (ізюм світлий, ізюм барвлений) and avon (sum_sh grapes dried with us and without fresh).
In the botanical field, it is allowed to allow for picking up dried grapes without us. Depth in yakosti vіn buvє vystogo, first and other varieties, for avlonuyu, yaky on a sort not podіlyayut. The smell and taste of dried grapes give the product, without any side effects and smell.
Masov part of CP is guilty but not less:
bedon - 83,
Shigani - 82,
Soyagi, Sabzi - 81%.
Do not allow me to get rotten by ugly shkidniki, plsnyavi, shkidnik_v, metal magnet house, pіsku.
Juices of fruits and berries
Zg_dno z GOST 18192 — 72 viroblets of osnitleny і non-imbalances of concentrated juices. For industrial processing, pack the bottle into the stork and stick the container with the 10 unit and the wooden barrels with the 100 unit box.
Osvitleniya sіk - thick prozor Rіdina, allowed a small dense siege of pectin and bilkovy rechovin abo crystals of wine stone. Neosvity makupuchu neprozoru ідку consistency. Relish і smell naturalnі. Phyziko-hіmіchnn demonstrators sokіv taki:
CP mass for a refractometer,%, not less than, for users:
grape, cherry - 70
crane - 54
apple light - 70
apple unlit - 55
mass fraction of acid (in perahrazhku on yabluchnu acid),%, not less for sokіv:
cherry - 5,0
grape - 1,0
crane - 15,0
apple light - 2,5
apple unlit - 2,0
mass fraction of the siege of bilkovy and pectin speech,%, not more, in juice:
blessed - 0,5
uncirculated -1,0
Masova portion of sorbic acid in juice,%, not more - 0,1
Nasіnnya i spicy
Khlyboparku virobnitstvі for ozboblennya virobіv і nadannya їm specific greed vikoristovuyut usіnnya maku, sesame, lion, sonyashnik grains. The order of the victoristic takozh spicy.
Spice - a group of smekovo с sirovini roslinnogo pokhozhennya, yak add to insignificant kіlkostі with vigotovlennі virob_v for nadnya їm stynyk aroma і characteristic prismaku. Up to the warehouse of spice, enter the efirni oils, glikozidi, alka-loesi, and the amount of their senses and aromatic herbs.
To spice up
• Badan - viscous landfalls that support a green tree from the birthplace of a magnolia;
• cardamom - suspended underripeness of the grass (nasinnya) grass'ianist rosini from the homeland imbirnikh;
• anіs, kmin, korіandr - the hanging fruits (nasinnya) of grassy-growing rosins from the umbrella homeland;
• Vanil - Visible after special handling of fruit from the birthplace of orhid;
• muskatny gory_kh - nas_nnya fruits of nutmeg tree;
• Dukhmyonny perets - under the suspicious fruits of tropic growing from the motherland of myrtle;
• carnation - nedozvі kvitkovі buds clove tree from the birthplace of myrtle;
• Saffron - hanging riltsya kvіtv bagatory_nost Roslini from the birthplace of іrisovih - saffron
• cinnamon - the bark of brown Roslin of the rod of laurel hangs;
• imbir - the root of the grassy-growing rosini from the birthplace of imbirnikh.
Indicators are of concern to us. 20, spiced up in
Table. 21.    Indicators


Sesame (GOSG 12095-76)

Mac (Toast 12094 — 76)

Lion (GOSG 10582 — 76)

The core of the sonyashnik of RSUGSSP 1885-90


Bіly z kremovim vіdtinkom; Yellow-brown, storm abo chorny

Gray and black, red, brown, brown, brown.

Pretman normal nas_nnyu




Souther Sonny Core


Not musty, not cool, without any other odors

Moisture,%, not more



16 **


Masov Chastka dom_shok, take a look, і olіynih dom_shok at once,%, not more:





including,%, no more:





yaki zsmichuyut





Masov's blackness, part of the house, Rosny,%

 not allowed

Masov section of usinny, us-kodzhennogo komorni shkіdnikami, that usinnya ricini,%

not allowed

* To the house, see the law, lay on the organ
rechovini, nasіnnya іnshih roslin; to opinyh - poshkodzhene, bite, nezrіle that іnshe nasіnnya given by rozlini.
** Obmezhevalnaya norm. 

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