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Chemical bread improvers quality

flour improversFlavours
Flavours products only provide flavor without cos-through that network's new flavor or taste. To that group belongs vanilla, vanilla sugar, essential oils, essences and more.
Vanillin (GOST 16599-71) - crystalline powder, white or pale yellow with characteristic reserve. In the powder should contain aldehyde chemically pure vanilla least
99,0%, while it received from linhosulfonativ - at least 98,5%, ash - not more than 0,05%. Vanilla sugar (PCT SSR 1009-82) - powder or a mixture of refined sugar with vanilla or crystalline arovanilonom-super-4. Vanilla sugar should be white or white with a yellowish color, sweet taste with a bitter taste, a pronounced vanilla scent. Vanillin content it should be 2,5 + 0,2% or arovanilonu-4-super least 0,625%, methyl talomahnitnyh impurities - 0,003%. Humidity less than 0,2%. When dissolved in water at 80 ° C should be fully rozchynyuvatysya and form a clear colorless solution without sediment.
Chemical bread improvers quality
Potassium bromate - KVhOz (GOST 244-76) - Organic oxidizing action. It is a white powder containing 99,5% KVhOz. Insoluble substances it should be less than 0,01%. Potassium bromate improving structural and mechanical
properties of dough.
Sodium thiosulfate (hyposulphite) - Na2S203-5H20 (GOST 244-76) - Organic regenerative action. In the food industry used sodium thiosulfate or higher per-Shogo varieties. This white powder crystals containing at least 99,0% sodium thiosulfate, pH aqueous solution at 20 ° C for the highest grade 6,5-8,5, for the first - 6,5-9,5.
Ascorbic acid is used as an improver oxide-tational action, as in the test, it quickly oxidizes, turning into dehydroascorbic acid, which acts as an oxidant. It is added during kneading in the number 0,005-0,01% by weight of flour.
Enzyme preparations and complex improvers
In the baking industry to intensify fermentation using drugs or amiyaoryzyn P10h amilosubstylin H10h which is a source of amylase enzymes.
Amiloryzyn P10h (TOAST 18919-73) - a white powder that has the ability amylase (EP) at least 2000 and proteolytic (software) not more than thirty units. / G.
Amilosubstylin P10h (OST 59-11-72) has at least 3000 AZ units. / G.
Protosubstylin H10h - powder light gray or light beige color, AZ characterized by at least 150 and software least 70 units. / G.
Integrated bakery improvers (UHF) (TS 63-13- O1-86) to produce four types of this composition: VHF-3 - amiloryzyn PIOh, ammonium sulfate and potassium bromate; VHF-4 - amiloryzyn PIOh, sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium bromate.
For consistency VHF - fine powder light gray or beige color. Humidity UHF less than 3%.
Amylase ability VHF-2 - 1000 + 100 odUh, VHF-4 - 330 ± 33 units. / G. VHF not contain spores of fungi, bacteria E. coli in 0,1 grams of the drug, pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonella in the 25 g improvers.
Based on the UHF and VHF-2-4 developed baking improvers complex oxidative action. They contain askor-binovu acid or potassium bromate. Vyshnevolotskym plant enzymes, in addition to VHF and UHF 2 4, produced by OK-VHF-A, consisting of amiloryzynu PIOh, ammonium sulfate, ascorbic acid.
A complex polіpshuvach “Amiloks” has been scattered;
Abroad, produce and successfully used as improvers multicomponent mixtures containing additives with different functional properties. The structure is complex improvers 4 or more ingredients.
The most common following composition: oxidants (potassium bromate, peroxide, calcium); reducing agents (a-cysteine, sodium thiosulfate, etc.);
enzymes or enzymatically active products (soybean meal or malt flour with wheat germ, etc.);
hydrocolloids (modified starch, dry gluten flour that swells, etc.);
surfactants (South Africa) (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, their esters with organic acids stearoyilak-tylaty, lecithin, etc.)
organic acids (citric, malic, lactic, acetic, etc.);
mineral salts and mixtures thereof to power as yeast or grain-conserving products that prevent mold product (sodium propionate, sodium acetate, potassium or calcium Sorbo-new acid and its salts).
Some types of complex improvers contain a filler extruded wheat flour.
Complete improvers produced in the form of powders or pastes. Dispensing them to the number 0,05-3,0% by weight of flour. Organic specify the dose trial pastries. Characteristics of some complex improvers foreign companies listed in Table. 23.
Table 23
Characteristics of some foreign companies improvers




The main

Dozuvannya to tables boroshna,%





Emulsifiers, malt, calcium propionate, wheat gluten, starches, enzymes, oxidants


During the processing of wheat flour with different baking properties. For accelerated technology manufacturing bread and budochnyh products



DerzhNDShI Components oxidizing action, enzymatically active agents, enzymes



During the processing of wheat flour with low baking properties




Calcium salts, dextrose, emulsifiers, oxidizing agents, enzymes


The same

Majimix 35


The same

Emulsifiers, ascorbic acid, enzymes, wheat flour (filler)

0,5- 1

For accelerated technology Bakery

Baksauer 22


Uniliver Export BV

Organic acids, emulsifiers, enzymes, yeast inactive


In the production of rye bread




a-amipaza, bromate 0,044- Kapi, salt, calcium and ammonium 0,055 tion, wheat flour

In the production of a wide range of bread from wheat flour

In the Ukrainian Donbashlib corporation, the polls were donated to Don-1 and Don-2 (TU U 24464721.001–97). It is recommended that you pay 0,2-0,8% to the mass in the minds in the minds when preparing a tista in an unprincipled way, by slashing the structural and mechanical powers of a tista.
They contain dry gluten, ascorbic acid, enzymes.
Choice Organic depends on its functional properties, gives money flour, processed, compounding products.
During the processing of flour with weak gluten is not recommended improvers, which include proteolytic enzymes, malt flour or flour with wheat germ. For this meal need to improver containing hydrocolloids, salts, surfactants, oxidants.
During the processing of flour with gluten korotkorvanoyu desirable that the composition improvers were protease, amylase, South Africa, organic acids, L-cysteine. Junk presence of potassium bromate and ascorbic acid.
During the processing of flour of average baking qualities and unwanted presence of proteases improvers. Preferably the enzymes are made of enzymatically active product - malt flour. Desired improvers presence in South Africa, hydrocolloids, soy flour, salt.
In terms of processing flour from sprouted grains should be used improvers containing ascorbic acid, hydrocolloids. Adverse improvers which include amylolytic enzymes.
With the accelerated methods of production test will best improver containing enzymes, surfactants, organic acids, mineral salts.

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