For the molding is suitable chocolate, obtained by the technologies described above, both dark and dairy, but because of the different methods of its production and the possibility of including lecithin, the fat content in it is now much lower than several years ago.

Automatic glazing system

Monday, January 02 2017 06: 34
In modern machines enrobing constant level is maintained regardless of the number of tempering the chocolate flowing through the machine. An example is the installation Sollich Temperstatic TSN with grid widths of up to 62 120 354,2 cm and a capacity of kg / h (model «62») and 708,41540 kg / h for the model «130». Built-tempering chocolate is described below (scheme of passage ...

Waffles. Cakes and pies. Cupcakes. (SK)

Friday, December 16 2016 13: 00
Waffles - pastries, which are finely porous sheets sandwiched filling or without filling. Technology wafer preparation process is as follows. All raw materials are sieved or filtered, and then loaded in sequence in shake up machine, wherein the dough is prepared. The finished dough is poured into waffle iron and bake wafer sheets. After baking waffle ...

Baba. (SK)

Thursday, December 15 2016 15: 32
Baba - sweet products with a high content of fat, eggs, sugar, currants or raisins. Made of dough, are cone-shaped and most often in the center through hole.

Karamelynoe production. (Cg)

Monday, December 12 2016 16: 04
Feature Karamel- caramel confection is prepared boiling sugar solution with glucose syrup or invert syrup to the caramel mass with 1,5-3% humidity.

Caramel fillings. Wrapping and packaging. (SK)

Monday, December 12 2016 12: 50
Fillings should maintain the dignity of their taste during storage.

Candy production. (Confectioner's Guide)

Sunday, December 11 2016 15: 49
Feature articles Sweets called sugar-based, diverse in form and decoration and made of different masses.

Forming of candy. (CG)

Sunday, December 11 2016 12: 58
Depending on the properties of the candy mass molding chocolates produced in various ways.

Production of chocolate. (CG)

Sunday, December 11 2016 10: 31
Chocolate. Characteristic chocolate Chocolate is a product of processing cocoa beans, sugar and adding a variety of aromatic and flavoring substances, or without their addition. Technological scheme for processing cocoa beans for the main semi-finished products, depending on the composition and quality of the chocolate treatment is divided into Chocolate without stuffing chocolate without additives; a) dessert; b) ...
Chocolate fillings usually figure produced on the machine in the form of loaves weighing 50 In addition to baguettes with fillings, on a machine figure the form of various shapes and hollow with fillings, as well as assorted chocolates.

Pasta marmalade production. (CG)

Sunday, December 11 2016 07: 42
Manufacturing pastilles Pastilles produced knocking down fruit and berry puree with sugar and egg white with the addition of agar-sugar-treacle or pectin-sugar-treacle syrup or without it. The paste should meet the requirements of GOST 6441-52. Types and varieties of pastes depends on the method of manufacture, molding and compounding (Table. 79). 79 Table. Types and varieties of pastes View pastes varieties ...

Production of fruit and berry marmalade. (CG)

Friday, December 09 2016 19: 30
Fruit and berry marmalade - products made of boiling apple puree with sugar and molasses. Depending on the type and grade of fruit marmalade to-sugar mixture was added various semifinished products, fruit and berry, acid, flavoring, coloring and sodium salts of phosphoric and lactic acids. Marmalade species and varieties differ on the formulation and the method of manufacturing the molding. ...

Eastern sweets 1. (CG)

Friday, December 09 2016 16: 24
Oriental sweets - a large group of confectionery products, is most prevalent in countries of the Middle East and employs about 170 varieties; this group includes fruit drops and caramel, soft candy and flour products.

Eastern sweets 2. (CG)

Friday, December 09 2016 10: 30
Makovnik (without honey) Makovnik - poppy seeds, brewed strong sugar-treacle syrup and molded in the form of flat squares or diamond shapes Technological scheme. The process is conducted in the same manner as the poppy and nuts with honey, the only difference is that the syrup has a higher moisture content. The form and packed the ...

Eastern sweets 3. (CG)

Wednesday, December 07 2016 11: 18
Baking products Kyat Karabakh Kyat Karabakh is products made from rich yeast dough filled with a mixture of flour, butter and sugar, in the form of round cakes with a diameter of 190 — 200 mm with a glossy surface. Technological scheme of production. The dough fermentation process for dough lasts 2,5 — 3 hours and 1 — 1,5 tests hours. Temperature test 29 — 30 °. The filling is prepared ...

Eastern sweets 4. (CG)

Tuesday, December 06 2016 13: 52
Kurabye kurabye Persian Persian-shortbread cookies in the form of the daisies, sticks, shells. Technological scheme. The production process consists of rubbing the oil with powdered sugar or granulated sugar until the disappearance of sugar crystals. Last entry proteins and flour with a small amount of gluten. Form of spritz device having notched tip, on baking sheet. Products ...

Manufacture of pellets. (CG)

Tuesday, December 06 2016 10: 00
Characteristics Bean Jelly beans candy is a small size, round shape with a shiny smooth surface.

Production halvy. (CG)

Monday, December 05 2016 12: 31
Feature halva Halva is a homogeneous, fibrous mass of a cream-colored, made by kneading the candy mass, whipped with a foaming agent to the weight of the roasted grated peanut, sesame or sunflower seed.

Pastries. (CG)

Sunday, December 04 2016 10: 48
Pastries are a diverse group of high-calorie foods, which, depending on the formulation and manufacturing process are divided into the following types: cookies, biscuits, dry (crackers) and butter biscuits, gingerbread, waffles, pastries, cakes, muffins and a woman.

Butter Cookies. Gingerbread. (CK)

Saturday, December 03 2016 13: 30
Butter Cookies Butter Cookies - confection of small sizes of various shapes with exterior trim or with a layer of filling. Butter cake divided into four groups: shortbread, and biskvitnosbivnoe belkovosbivnoe, almond crunches. Shortbread, in turn, is divided into two subgroups: the removable and jigging. Technological scheme of the removable shortcakes as follows: after the ...

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