Production of caramel

Karamelynoe production. (Cg)

Monday, December 12 2016 16: 04
Feature Karamel- caramel confection is prepared boiling sugar solution with glucose syrup or invert syrup to the caramel mass with 1,5-3% humidity.

Caramel fillings. Wrapping and packaging. (SK)

Monday, December 12 2016 12: 50
Fillings should maintain the dignity of their taste during storage.

The cooling and the formation of caramel

Friday, April 22 2016 05: 18
Forming caramel Fig. 73. Karamelerezhuschaya chain machine: 1 - Front, 2 - sprocket, 3 - Front, 4 - guide rollers, 5-forming circuit, 6-guide sleeve, 7-screws for adjusting the convergence circuits, 8 - push Polozkov, 9-tray, 10 - tensioner aim of forming a separation caramel tow ...
The process of cutting a caramel mass and prepare it for molding consists of the following operations: cooling the candy mass and at the same time touching up her acidification and aromatization; prominka for transparent varieties of caramel and caramel stretch to opaque with shiny silky sheath; cooking caramel mass formations; preparation of the filling.

Preparation of simple fillings

Thursday, April 21 2016 13: 23
Produced in the Soviet Union is preparing caramel with a very diverse assortment of fillings that differ by type of used raw materials and processing methods.

The classical production of caramel.

Thursday, April 21 2016 08: 55
Caramel is a confectionery consisting mainly of caramel mass - an amorphous solid, the resulting boiling sugar-treacle solution to a residual moisture 1-3%.

Preparation of fillings for candy

Thursday, November 12 2015 19: 05
Produced at our factories caramel with filling different from each other not only in form, size and taste properties caramel shell, but also a variety of fillings taste properties.

Cool the caramel mass and prepare it for molding

Thursday, November 12 2015 18: 09
Caramel mass immediately after discharge from the vacuum unit to be rapidly cooled from 115-125 temperature ° to 80-90 °. In this state, there is an increase in viscosity of the caramel mass and it becomes plastic properties allowing to subject it to further processing and molding.

Molding and cooling the candy

Thursday, November 12 2015 12: 59
When molded, cooled to a temperature of about 70 ° caramel mass is obtained with caramel filling and without filling (lollipop) of various sizes and shapes.

Wrapping, packaging and finishing of caramel

Thursday, November 12 2015 11: 10
To save (merchantability caramel it immediately after molding and cooling to 35-40 temperature ° (must be filled into an airtight container or protect the surface of each candy from the action of the surrounding air. Tin, or used as a sealed container for packaging candy weighing from 100 to 500 g cartons. abroad, along with ...

Losses and waste in the production of caramel

Thursday, November 12 2015 10: 20
Loss of dry substances in the manufacture of candy are: 1) losses during storage of raw materials and semi-finished products (fermented fruit headline, soaking the wooden packaging of liquid raw materials and semi-finished products, the remains (in containers, spray and other mechanical losses);
Avdeev AV, Sokolovsky AL, Tsyganov PA study of corrosion resistance of metals in the confectionery industry, MTIPPa Proceedings, vol. 10, Pishchepromizdat, 1957. In d e h and e in JH, C o p l i to a in a VM, cooking caramel mass in the invert, Collected works ...

Getting invert syrup and caramel mass

Wednesday, November 11 2015 18: 47
Invert sugar, which is used for manufacturing a caramel partial or complete zamenі molasses for preparing confectioneries inversion sugar solutions in the presence of acid as a reaction catalyst.

Technological scheme of caramel

Wednesday, November 11 2015 16: 14
Caramel because of its valuable nutritional properties, good taste and flavor and attractive appearance is in great demand among the population. These valuable properties of caramel due to the high volume of its production, amounting 35-40% of all confectionery products produced in our country.

Specifics of caramel

Thursday, October 15 2015 07: 00
KaramelLedentsovaya candies and hard candies may be defined as a strong solution of sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar sometimes (if necessary with the addition of flavor). Formed during its production vitreous mass in which the sugar solution less than 2% moisture.

Caramel 1

Thursday, December 30 2010 16: 06
Caramel 1 caramel is formed in a thick brown sugar mass when heated to near the melting point. On the palate it is quite bitter and has a dark brown color. When the caramel is mentioned in connection with fillings for biscuits or confectionery, toffee means mass or a product obtained by heating the butter and brown sugar. Properties ...

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