Production of marmalade-Pastila products

Pasta marmalade production. (CG)

Sunday, December 11 2016 07: 42
Manufacturing pastilles Pastilles produced knocking down fruit and berry puree with sugar and egg white with the addition of agar-sugar-treacle or pectin-sugar-treacle syrup or without it. The paste should meet the requirements of GOST 6441-52. Types and varieties of pastes depends on the method of manufacture, molding and compounding (Table. 79). 79 Table. Types and varieties of pastes View pastes varieties ...

Production of fruit and berry marmalade. (CG)

Friday, December 09 2016 19: 30
Fruit and berry marmalade - products made of boiling apple puree with sugar and molasses. Depending on the type and grade of fruit marmalade to-sugar mixture was added various semifinished products, fruit and berry, acid, flavoring, coloring and sodium salts of phosphoric and lactic acids. Marmalade species and varieties differ on the formulation and the method of manufacturing the molding. ...

Pectin plant the role of pectin in plants

Sunday, November 27 2016 08: 14
A leading role in the production of marmalade-Pastila products plays studneobrazovaniya process, which depends on a kind of structure, marmalade and pastilles.

Classification pectin physicochemical properties

Saturday, November 26 2016 17: 32
According to the nomenclature adopted in 1944, the, distinguish the following pectin: protopectin (see above.), Pectin, pectin, acid and pectic acid.
Different ways of preserving fresh fruit

Preparation zephyr weight pectin

Saturday, November 26 2016 11: 13
In this technology, agar as gelling agents in zefirnoy weight dry pectin replaced.

Production of fruit and berry puree

Saturday, November 26 2016 09: 40
Fruit puree as a semi-finished confectionery manufacture Fruit and berries destined for the preparation of semi-finished marmalade-Pastila production, pre-rubbed, t. E. Converted into the mash in order to free the pulp of fruits and berries from the inedible parts (stalks, seeds, seed boxes , stiffened the veins, bones) In addition, fruit and berry puree more transportable than whole fruits and ...

Scalding apples before wiping.

Saturday, November 26 2016 08: 56
Before rubbing apples stiffened subjected to heating to achieve their softening to such an extent that their rubbing is made possible through the sieve.

Chemical preservation of fruit and berry puree.

Saturday, November 26 2016 08: 03
This method of preserving fruit and berry puree is most common in practice.

Production of puree other pome fruits.

Friday, November 25 2016 18: 11
Puree of different pome (quince, pear, loquat, mountain ash, wild apples) produce similarly apple with slight modifications.
General characteristics of fruit jelly products products manufactured in Ukraine under the name marmalade differ by type of raw material used, according to the method of preparation and execution.

Cooking marmalade mass

Friday, November 25 2016 15: 44
The blended formulation apple-sugar mixture is directed as needed for cooking.

Fundamentals of drying tin of apple jelly

Friday, November 25 2016 13: 59
Marmalade, selected from the following forms of cages, contains up to 29 31% of water.
Dried apple marmalade tin standard quality contains 22-24% water, 20-28% of reducing substances.

Production of "jelly" (man-made) marmalade

Friday, November 25 2016 11: 17
General characteristics of the products of this group The word "jelly" generally refers to the food jelly produced by the fruit and berry juice, pectin, gelatin and other gelling agents.
Different species and varieties of fruit jelly differ from each other mainly by the process of molding and the exterior.
In the considered group includes confectionery obtained by knocking down fruit and berry puree with sugar.
Preparation of the paste mass Apple sauce intended for knocking the pastille is subjected to a preliminary laboratory test. On the basis of these analyzes, a mixture of apple puree meets the established requirements for the gel-forming ability, the content of dry substances (substances, acidity, color.) If pureed, SO2 is preliminarily desulphurized, the apple puree is subjected to control rubbing, after desulphation.
Zephyr is different from carved adhesive pastes the fact that he has not given a rectangular shape, and spherical or oblong rounded.

Production of pastes (marshmallow).

Tuesday, May 10 2016 14: 15
Pastilles called the product of churning mixture of fruit and berry puree with sugar and egg white. Hit by weight is mixed with agar syrup or marmalade mass. The additives used in the production of pastes, fruit and berry supplies, food acids, essential oils, dyes. Pasta cooked with the addition of agar syrup is called adhesive pastes. Pasta cooked with the addition of marmalade mass, ...

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