Production of marmalade-Pastila products

Manufacturing desired letter-fruktovogo jam on pectins

The production of this type of marmalade made from the following computer-hardware circuits.

Purified on a sifter Sugar sand through an intermediate hopper, noria and collector-drive belt conveyor is fed into the automatic scales. Weighed according to the recipe sugar dose is loaded into the digester with a stirrer.

Pectin-sugar mixture, molasses and prepared recyclable waste are also dosed into the boiler. Recyclable waste is preliminarily crushed with a top, rubbed through a sieve and pumped into a volumetric batcher. Molasses are dosed with a volumetric dispenser.

To prevent clumping of pectin, dry powder is pre-mixed with granulated sugar in a ratio of 1: 2. Apples puree and water, the temperature of which is 42,5 ° C, are loaded into the pectin solvent with volumetric dispensers. The stirrer and pump are turned on, the pectin-sugar mixture is poured in the amount taken for one load. Duration of pectin swelling is 12-15 minutes. The dry matter content in the finished mixture is 7 ± 1%.

Pectin-apple-sugar mixture is pumped into the digester and heated to boiling. After 2-3 minutes, sodium lactate is injected from the onset of boiling and the remaining sugar is loaded according to the recipe. At the end of the sugar dissolution add molasses. If necessary, enter the crushed return waste in an amount of not more than 25% by weight of the loaded raw materials.

The prepared syrup with a dry matter content of (70 ± 2)% is drained through a container - a filter and pumped into an intermediate container, and then by a plunger pump it is fed into a coil cooker, where it is boiled down to a dry matter content of (76,5 ± 1,5)% ...

The boiled syrup is drained through a steam separator into the tempering machines, where it is cooled down to 80-85 ° C with stirring. Fruit and berry supplies or podvarki are added to the machine. The marmalade mass is pumped into a mixer installed above the hopper of the casting head of the forming unit. A mixture of acid, essence and dye is fed into the mixer with a volumetric dispenser.

The marmalade casting unit consists of a casting head, a conveyor with molds, a cooling chamber, and a mechanism for sampling products from molds.

Selected from the forms of marmalade belt conveyor is transmitted to the conveyor, which is sprinkled with sugar. Sugar is served by a bucket elevator. For uniform sprinkling, marmalade with sugar is loaded into an inclined rotating drum. The excess sugar is separated on a vibrating sieve.

Sugar-sprinkled marmalade has a moisture content of 17-18%. It is packaged in boxes on a conveyor or in plastic bags on an automatic machine. It is produced in one variety or in a set of three varieties of various colors and aromas.

Production Cardboard boxesWe produce flap želejnogo jam

The marmalade of this variety consists of three layers, of which the two extreme colored jelly layers have a gelatinous structure, and the middle one of the mass that has been knocked out is foamy.


Preparation for mass marmalade jelly layers as described above for the tin of fruit jelly on agar.

The mass for the middle layer is obtained by churning 77 ± 1%, boiled up to a dry matter content, and agar-sugar-net syrup with egg white chilled to an 60 ° C chilled-in machine. The pricing process is discussed below in the section for the production of pastille products. In the process of churning the glue syrup, the required amount of applesauce, acids and essences are added to it according to the recipe.

The mass for each layer is poured into trays of bakelite plywood in a special installation. The latter consists of a bunker for jelly mass with water heating, a casting mechanism and a chain conveyor. To reduce the sticking of the jelly mass to the inner surface of the trays, they are coated with a thin layer of invert syrup with a concentration of 64-65%.

Mass in trays poured in layers. First, the first jelly layer 7-8 mm thick is poured into the tray, which is moved by a chain conveyor under the casting mechanism. After gelling the first (lower) layer, the trays at this installation are skipped again to cast the second (middle) layer, and then the third (upper) layer.

During the passage of the casting joints trays under the mechanism of its operation is automatically interrupted.

After casting each layer separately, the trays with a mass are placed on the racks in a horizontal position and kept from 30 to 60 minutes to gel the layer. The total gelling time of a three-layer formation 2,5-3 h.

The layers are removed from the trays and subjected to cutting. By the belt conveyor of the cutting machine, they are fed under the circular knives, which cut the plastic into longitudinal strips on the 6. The surface of the conveyor with a dispenser sprinkled with a thin layer of granulated sugar. From the second dispenser, the surface of the marmalade layer is also sprinkled with sugar. The cutting of strips into separate products is carried out with a cutting-stacking device. Sliced ​​products are mechanically sprinkled with sugar and laid out on sieves lined with paper.

The sieves with marmalade installed on rack trolleys are sent to the dryer where they are dried at air temperature 55-58 ° С for 6-8 h. After drying the marmalade on 2-4 h is transmitted to the cooling chamber. The final moisture content of marmalade 18%.

The dried and cooled marmalade stacked in boxes, crates, trays and packed in an outer packaging.

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