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Naʙat (Kinva-sugar)

Naʙat (Kinva-sugar)Naʙat (Kinva-sugar) - product, which is a smooth transparent sugar crystals, accumulated on white thread in the form of an irregular pyramid. 1 pcs weighs at least 1 kg.
Humidity - 0,3% + 0,4%.
Technological scheme of production
Preparation of sugar syrup.
Sugar crystallization.
Molding and drying products.
Packaging products.
For the production of Nabat products, granulated sugar is used and white threads are used as an auxiliary material.
Cooking sugar syrup. Granulated sugar and water (about 40% of the amount of granulated sugar) are loaded into an open brewing pot of periodic action. With a pressure of heating steam 3 — 5 kgf / cm2, boil the syrup to a moisture content of 16 — 18%, i.e., to obtain a supersaturated sugar solution.
Sugar crystallization. For crystallization of sugar from syrup, a special boiler is used, having thermal insulation to maintain a constant temperature. The inner surface of the boiler is oiled and tensioned. Ready sugar syrup, filtered through a sieve with a cell size 1,5X1,5 mm, is poured into the boiler.
The crystallization process lasts about an hour.
Molding and drying products. After the crystallization of sugar is completed, the rest of the syrup is removed from the boiler. The crystals formed are washed with warm water and allowed to dry for a while. Then cut the thread and carefully remove the cone-shaped ingots of sugar crystals. The layers of crystals formed on the walls of the boilers are cut out. Waste syrup and crystals (no more than 10%) are used to obtain new portions of supersaturated sugar syrup.
Product packaging. Ready Nabat is packaged in accordance with MRTU 18 / 280 — 69
Nabat (Kinwa Shakari)
The product is large smooth sugar crystals of a transparent color, accumulated on white threads. It has the shape of an irregular pyramid. Produced by weight and packaged. The mass of one product is no more than 1 kg.
Humidity 0,4 + 0,4%.

name of raw materials

Mass fraction of solids,%

Consumption of raw materials to finished products 1 t (without wrapping materials), kg


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Output: 1. Alarm bell




2. Syrup (waste)




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