Manufacturing of oriental sweets

Eastern sweets such as soft candy. Nougat nut

Technological instructions for the production of oriental sweets such as soft candy.  
Meadows oryekhovaya
Meadows oryekhovayaNut nougat is a product made from sugar syrup produced on proteins with nuts.
The shape is rectangular or square.
І kg contains at least 70 pcs.
Humidity - 6,0 ± 2,0%.
Technological scheme of production
Preparation of sugar-treacle syrup.
Bringing the weight.
Cooling mass and molding.
Vystoyka products.
Wrapping and packaging products.
For the preparation of Oriental sweets Nougat nut sugar, molasses, roasted hazelnut kernel, natural honey, egg white, wheat flour, vanilla essence are used.
Preparation of sugar syrup syrup. Sugar and water (30 — 40% of the amount of sugar) is loaded into an open cooking boiler with steam heating. After 5 — 8 min add molasses and honey and continue boiling until 120 — 130 ° C. Boil the syrup at a pressure of heating steam 3 — 5 kgf / cm2. Cooking boilers of various systems can be used to make sugar syrup syrup.
Knocking down the mass. Egg whites are loaded into a whipping machine and knocked them down to the formation of a fluffy foam. The duration of churning depends on the portion of churned proteins, speed of churning and other factors. In the knocked down proteins with continuous churning slowly in a thin stream pour
the third part of the syrup cooled to 80 — 85 ° С. Through 5 — 8 minutes, the rest of the syrup is gradually poured in, continuing to churn until a fluffy white mass is formed. At the end of churning, add roasted crushed hazelnut kernel, vanilla essence, and mix everything thoroughly.
Cooling mass and molding products. The finished mass is discharged onto a water-cooled table, pre-filled with flour. The mass is divided into portions of 2 — 2,5 kg, lightly rolled in flour and rolled into layers of thickness 20-25 mm.
The reservoir is clamped on both sides with cast-iron bars, and then grooves are drawn along the surface of its corrugated rolling pin. After hardening for 24 an hour, the layers are cut by hand on candies of size 40 — 45X20 mm. Nugu nut can be molded on an iris-forming machine. In this case, the size of the candy is reduced and the number of pieces in 1 kg reaches 220.
Vystoyka products. Hand-cut nougat for vystoyku stack on wooden trays lined with paper. The excursion continues 1 — 2 an hour in the workshop room.
Product packaging. Nut nougat is packaged in accordance with the requirements of MRTU 18 / 278 — 69.
Raisin nougat
Raisin nougat - a rectangular product made from dried apricots and raisins boiled with sugar, sprinkled with granulated sugar.
In 1 kg contains at least 40 pieces.
Humidity - 12,0 ± 2,0%.
Technological scheme of production
Preparation of the mass.
Cooling mass, shaping and finishing of products.
Vystoyka and packaging products.
For the preparation of Oriental sweets Nougat raisin use granulated sugar, dried apricots, raisins, lemon essence.
Cooking mass. In an open cooking pot of periodic action, sugar and water are loaded (30 — 40% of the amount of sugar), sugar is dissolved, brought to a boil, then raisins and chopped dried apricots are added. Boiling is continued at heating pressure 3 — 5 kgf / cm2 to the moisture content of the mass 12%.
Cooling mass, molding and finishing products. The finished mass is discharged to the cooling table, pre-oiled. The mass is cooled to 80 — 90 ° C is added with lemon essence, well crushed and divided into pieces according to 2 — 3 kg. Then the pieces are rolled into seams 10 — 12 mm thick and cut into pieces of size 40X20 mm. Chopped nougat is sprinkled with granulated sugar and laid on trays.
Curing and packaging products. The raisin-nougat laid on the trays is allowed to stand in the workshop room for 1 — 1,5 an hour, after which it is sent for packaging.
Packed raisin nougat in accordance with MRI 18 / 281 — 69.

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