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Ahal-Alva (Kos-halva)

Ahal-Alva (Kos-halva)Ahal-Alva (Kos-halva)
Akhali-Alva is a product of candy mass shot down on proteins with the addition of walnut kernel. It has the shape of rectangular bars. The bar weighs no more than 1,7 kg.
Humidity - 7,0 ± 2,0%.
Technological scheme of production
Preparation of sugar-treacle syrup.
Bringing the weight.
Cooling mass and molding.
Packaging products.
For the preparation of Akhali-Alva use sugar, molasses, walnut kernel, protein, vanillin, flour of the highest grade. The finished product is trimmed with walnut kernel halves.
Preparation of sugar syrup syrup. The sugar syrup is prepared in the usual way, boiling down to temperature 130 — 140 ° С.
Knocking down the mass. In the egg whites shot down to the fluffy foam, a thin stream is slowly poured in a third part of the sugar syrup cooled to 80 — 90 ° C, and knocked down for 8 —— 10 min. Then gradually pour in the rest of the syrup and continue knocking down another 18 — 20 minutes to the formation of a fluffy white mass. At the end of churning, vanillin and crushed walnut kernel are added to the mass and mixed thoroughly.
Cooling mass and molding products. The finished mass is discharged onto a cooling table, previously filled with flour. Then the mass is divided into pieces approximately
1.5 — 1,7 kg, rolled in flour and placed in metal rectangular shapes, previously lined with parchment paper, with several angles angled down.
The Akhali-Alva mass in the forms is left for cooling and vystoyka in the workshop, then removed from the form, separated from the paper, the surface is decorated with walnut kernel halves and placed in wooden trays lined with parchment paper.
Product packaging. Akhali-Alvu is packaged in accordance with the requirements of MRTU 18 / 278 — 69.

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