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Pahlava sdobnaâ

Pahlava sdobnaâ
Baklava RICH - product in the form of diamond shapes from dough with nut filling, soaked with oil and honey. Surface oiled yolk.
In 1 kg contains at least 7 pieces.
Humidity - 12,0 ± 2,0%.
Technological scheme of production
Test Preparation.
Preparation of the filling.
Cutting and proofing dough pieces.
Baking and packaging products.
For the production of baklava dough-use white flour, melted butter, eggs, yeast, sugar, kernel of hazelnut, cardamom, honey, egg yolks.
Test Preparation. Flour, eggs and melted butter mixed with yeast, pre-diluted in a small amount of warm water (29-31 ° C). The total consumption of water for cooking the dough is 20-25% relative to the amount of flour per batch runs. the test temperature should be 18-20 ° C, humidity - 25-27%. Zameshen¬noe until smooth dough is left to ferment at a temperature of at 29 1 USG - 1,5 hours.
Preparation of the filling. Pre-crushed core hazelnut mixed with sugar and cardamom.
Humidity toppings - no more than 4%.
Cutting and proofing dough pieces. The finished dough is divided into portions of 0,8 kg, and rolled in layers 10-15 mm thick. In the pre-greased baking sheet stack test layer, which even layer 25-30 mm thick laid out the stuffing and cover with a layer of another test. The edges of the upper and lower layers are combined and zaschipyvayut.
Thereafter, the workpiece is left for proofing in the room shop on 10-12 minutes.
Before planting in the oven surface baklava dough-smeared with egg yolk, then the product is cut into pieces by 100-150 g in the form of rhombs.Pahlava sdobnaâ
Baking and packaging products. Pastries Baklava a dough is carried out at a temperature of 180-200 ° C for 35 - 40 minutes in two steps. A-10 12 minutes after landing at the stove plates with the products are removed and the incision lines pour melted butter (50-60 1 g per kg of product), and then again put in the oven. The baked product is poured along the lines of the cut-heated honey (80-85 1 g per kg of product).
After cooling to room baklava shop Butter directed on the package.
Pahlava sdobnaâ
Butter product, sandwiched nut filling, soaked with oil and honey. It has a diamond or rectangular shape. Available Loose. In 1 kg contains at least 7 pieces.
Humidity 12,0% ± 2,0%.

name of raw materials Mass fraction of solids,% Consumption of raw materials to finished products 1 t (without wrapping materials), kg
actually The dry substances
Flour 85,5 337,5 288,6
heating oil 99 82,7 81,9
Heating oil to fill 99 47,9 47,4
Chicken egg 27 32,6 8,8
pressed yeast 25 2,4 0,6
Sugar in the filling 99,85 217,8 217,5
hazelnut kernel in chopped stuffing 94 217,9 204,8
Cardamom in nachinku 100 3,3 3,3
Honey to fill 78 76,3 59,5
Egg yolk on the finish 46 21,7 10
Total 1040,1 922,4
Log out 88 1000 880

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