Manufacturing of oriental sweets

Turkish delight vanilla

Turkish delight vanilla
Vanilla Delight is a product made from a jelly-like mass obtained by boiling sugar syrup with starch. The mass is cut in the form of rectangular or square bars, densely sprinkled with powdered sugar.
In 1 kg contains at least 30 pieces.
Humidity - 17,0 ± 2,0%.
Technological scheme of production
Preparation of jelly mass.
Mass exudation
Finishing and cutting of layers.
Packaging products.
For the production of Oriental sweets Turkish Delight vanilla is used sugar, powdered sugar, maize starch, tartaric acid, vanillin.
Preparation of jelly mass. Sugar is loaded into the cooking pot of periodic action and for each part of its 1,5 part of the water, it is heated, brought to the boil - 28
and add the 2 / 3 of the prescribed amount of acid. When the solution boils again, gradually with continuous stirring, pour starch diluted in water (1 h of starch - 4 h of water), well stirred and filtered through a sieve or gauze. The mixture is boiled with heating steam pressure 3 — 4,5 kgf / cm2 to a moisture content of 30%, after which the remaining acid is added and the boiling is continued. At the end of boiling with moisture mixture
17 — 19% add vanillin. The boiling process takes a total of 2,5 — 3,0 hours and depends on the pressure of the heating steam.
The boiled jelly-like mass is discharged into trays covered with waxed paper or sprinkled with a thin layer of starch, smoothed to a thickness of 2 — 3 cm and left to stand in the workshop room at 20 — 24 hour.
Finishing and cutting of layers. The layers of jelly mass after vystoyk plentifully sprinkled with powdered sugar and cut with a knife into pieces the size of 2,8X3 cm or 3X3 cm.
Packaging. Turkish delight wrapped in accordance with OST 18-31 — 71
Turkish delight vanilla
The product type of marmalade rectangular or square shape. The surface is sprinkled with powdered sugar. Produced by weight and packaged. 1 kg contains at least 30 pcs. Moisture 17,0% ± 2,0%.

name of raw materials

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Consumption of raw materials to finished products 1 t (without wrapping materials), kg


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According to the same technological instructions, other types of Turkish Delight are prepared: Turkish Delight Pink, Turkish Delight with a nut, Chocolate Delight, Turkish Delight.
Rose oil, walnut kernel, dried, peeled or cocoa powder is injected into the mass at the end of boiling.
To prepare Turkish delight, an assortment of berry, fruit, or citrus mashed potatoes is introduced in the process of boiling the sugar-starch syrup at its moisture content of 20%, and the remaining acid is added at the moisture content of 35%.

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