Chocolate and cocoa

For the molding is suitable chocolate, obtained by the technologies described above, both dark and dairy, but because of the different methods of its production and the possibility of including lecithin, the fat content in it is now much lower than several years ago.

Automatic glazing system

Monday, January 02 2017 06: 34
In modern machines enrobing constant level is maintained regardless of the number of tempering the chocolate flowing through the machine. An example is the installation Sollich Temperstatic TSN with grid widths of up to 62 120 354,2 cm and a capacity of kg / h (model «62») and 708,41540 kg / h for the model «130». Built-tempering chocolate is described below (scheme of passage ...

Production of chocolate. (CG)

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Chocolate. Characteristic chocolate Chocolate is a product of processing cocoa beans, sugar and adding a variety of aromatic and flavoring substances, or without their addition. Technological scheme for processing cocoa beans for the main semi-finished products, depending on the composition and quality of the chocolate treatment is divided into Chocolate without stuffing chocolate without additives; a) dessert; b) ...
Chocolate fillings usually figure produced on the machine in the form of loaves weighing 50 In addition to baguettes with fillings, on a machine figure the form of various shapes and hollow with fillings, as well as assorted chocolates.

Moulding of chocolate products

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Chocolate products depending on the shape are divided into the following groups: Chocolate fillings without. This includes: a) Bar chocolate, chocolate tablets, chocolate figured (printmaking); b) a shaped chocolate) aerated chocolate. Chocolates with fillings: a) baguettes with fillings; b) with assorted fillings.

Production of chocolate products

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The main raw material for the production of cocoa powder and chocolate are cocoa beans. Chocolate is a product of processing cocoa beans with sugar. Cocoa powder - a product prepared from partially defatted cocoa beans. Fat (cocoa butter), resulting in the production of cocoa powder used in the manufacture of chocolate. Therefore, chocolate shops and is prepared cocoa powder.
Suitable for molding chocolate, prepared according to techniques described above, as a dark and milk, but due to different methods of its production and the possibility of incorporating lecithin in the fat content therein is now much lower than a few years ago.
In the previous article we examined the methods of industrial production of chocolate, but there are certain processes use of chocolate in confectionery, which we present below.
glaze production based on vegetable fats industry was similar in terms of the production of the actual chocolate. There are many kinds of glazes - some of them resemble true chocolate, dark or milk, while others prepared with cocoa powder, COM, sugar and one of the vegetable oils have only a superficial resemblance to chocolate, significantly different ...

chocolate manufacture

Thursday, October 29 2015 12: 10
Ingredients. The main ingredients in the manufacture of chocolate is cocoa nibs, cocoa, sugar, other sweeteners, cocoa butter, butter (ghee), milk powder, baby milk and emulsifiers.
Common Name high natural emulsifier and the surfactant (surfactant) - lecithin. Its industrial use began almost 50 years ago, and during that time lecithin had a significant impact on the development of the food industry, especially in the production of chocolate.

Cocoa butter and its substitutes.

Thursday, October 29 2015 06: 53
Cocoa butter - a natural fat cocoa beans, but in some countries this term is understood only natural fat obtained from cocoa well the separated grits hydraulic or screw pressing.

Processing cocoa. The development of flavor

Wednesday, October 28 2015 16: 36
The process of alkalizing the cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor and cocoa powder are considered below. In this section we look at the issues of cocoa processing in order to remove undesirable flavoring properties and reducing the duration of the subsequent conching.

Processing cocoa beans

Wednesday, October 28 2015 13: 29
Purification of raw cocoa beans. In countries where recycled raw cocoa beans, they come in a relatively pure form with little residue on the surface of sand, fibers from sacks and small stones. Infection of cocoa pests has significantly reduced due to the tightening of controls in the field of collecting and warehouses.
The development of cocoa, chocolate and sweets of cocoa products has been for centuries a remarkable phenomenon.

Chocolate and cocoa

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Chocolate and cocoa chocolate main advantage - is its taste and aroma, whether it is plain chocolate, milk substitute or tiles. Sugar and cocoa were the first products treated with industrial methods. First, the processing of cocoa beans was good enough only for use in beverages.
The main production is manufactured confectionery chocolate glaze. Traditionally, for the production of chocolate glaze used cocoa butter. In recent decades, are widely used cocoa butter equivalents and cocoa butter substitutes, lauric and non-lauric types. In the crisis period was marked by a sharp transition to alternatives such as lauric cocoa butter (cocoa butter substitutes). Cocoa butter substitutes differ ...
Chocolate molding Features of cocoa butter hardening and its influence on the forming process. Chocolate mass after processing in the finishing machine is almost finished product; It should only be cast into molds and allowed to harden. However, the operation for casting chocolate requires special attention because of the presence of cocoa butter, which is sensitive even to the slightest changes ...

Tempering chocolate masses

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Tempering of chocolate masses Considering the graying of chocolate masses in the light of the basic concepts about cocoa butter polymorphism, it should be noted that the cause of chocolate sagging is the conversion of metastable forms of cocoa butter into a stable one. ...
Methods for reducing the viscosity of chocolate masses The viscosity of chocolate semi-finished products can be reduced in several ways. Two methods for reducing the viscosity have been discussed in detail above. The first method is to reduce the moisture content in the grated cocoa and chocolate mass. The second way is to increase the amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate mass. The third way to reduce the viscosity of chocolate mass is to ...

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