Baba. (SK)

Baba - rich flour products with high content of fat, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and raisins. They are made from yeast dough, have a conical shape and most often a through hole in the center.

Pastries. (CG)

Flour confectionery products represent a diverse group of high-calorie foods, which, depending on the recipe and process, are divided into the following types: cookies, biscuits, dry .

Butter Cookies. Gingerbread. (CK)

butter cookies

Butter biscuits - confectionery of small sizes of various shapes with an external finish or with a layer of fillings.

Butter cake divided into four groups: shortbread, and biskvitnosbivnoe belkovosbivnoe, almond crunches.


Pastries. Production.

Flour confectionery products are a group of diverse, mostly rich products with a high content of sugar, fat and eggs. They are a favorite product of the population, especially children, as they are pleasant .