Production of flour confectionery products

Waffles. Cakes and pies. Cupcakes. (SK)

Friday, December 16 2016 13: 00
Waffles - pastries, which are finely porous sheets sandwiched filling or without filling. Technology wafer preparation process is as follows. All raw materials are sieved or filtered, and then loaded in sequence in shake up machine, wherein the dough is prepared. The finished dough is poured into waffle iron and bake wafer sheets. After baking waffle ...

Baba. (SK)

Thursday, December 15 2016 15: 32
Baba - sweet products with a high content of fat, eggs, sugar, currants or raisins. Made of dough, are cone-shaped and most often in the center through hole.

Pastries. (CG)

Sunday, December 04 2016 10: 48
Pastries are a diverse group of high-calorie foods, which, depending on the formulation and manufacturing process are divided into the following types: cookies, biscuits, dry (crackers) and butter biscuits, gingerbread, waffles, pastries, cakes, muffins and a woman.

Butter Cookies. Gingerbread. (CK)

Saturday, December 03 2016 13: 30
Butter Cookies Butter Cookies - confection of small sizes of various shapes with exterior trim or with a layer of filling. Butter cake divided into four groups: shortbread, and biskvitnosbivnoe belkovosbivnoe, almond crunches. Shortbread, in turn, is divided into two subgroups: the removable and jigging. Technological scheme of the removable shortcakes as follows: after the ...

Production of wafers

Monday, June 13 2016 06: 56
Waffles - pastries, which are finely porous sheets sandwiched filling or without filling.

Technology of production of gingerbread

Saturday, June 11 2016 07: 47
Gingerbread - pastry various shapes, preferably circular with a convex surface, containing different spices and sweeteners significant amount. Among the cakes also include gingerbread, which are often sandwiched fruit filling or jam baked semi-finished product from gingerbread dough, which has a rectangular flat shape. Depending on the technology of the preparation of the test ...
Rolling of dough. Protracted dough after mixing is subjected to multiple rolling, t. E. The conversion of shapeless dough pieces in the dough sheet by passing through a two-roll machine prokatochnuyu. During multiple lingering rolling the dough under the influence of mechanical impact tests shear deformation and compressive strain. Because of this test appear in longitudinal and transverse stresses, accompanied ...

Test Preparation for pastry.

Monday, June 06 2016 07: 38
Test Education. Test Education is a complex colloid-chemical process. Wheat flour, which is the main component of the dough consists essentially of starch and protein substances.

Pastries. Production.

Sunday, June 05 2016 12: 46
Pastries are a diverse group of mostly rich products with a high content of sugar, fat and eggs. They are a favorite product of the population, especially children, in that they have a pleasant taste and attractive appearance.
Among the very broad range of confectionery products a significant place on. its specific gravity takes a group of flour confectionery products. Before the war and during the post-war Stalinist five-year plan, this group was more than 30% of the production of the entire confectionery industry.
The range of pastry products is extremely diverse: Biscuit shortbread cookies prolonged, biscuits dessert, biscuits, gingerbread custard, cakes raw, gingerbreads, waffles, pastries, cakes, rolls, muffins, baba, etc. The diversity of these varieties by the form, structure.. , shape and taste is achieved Rx different composition and different methods of preparing dough forming and baking.

Baking, baking theoretical foundations

Вторник, 26 апреля 2016 11: 29
The dough of any composition can be regarded as a wet capillary-porous colloidal body. Under the influence of heat the dough changes its physical, chemical and colloidal properties. The complex processes taking place at the same time, called baking.

Changes in the chemical composition of the biscuits

Вторник, 26 апреля 2016 05: 43
The issue of changing the chemical composition of the cookies in the baking process is poorly understood, but some coverage of this process we find in the work VKNII (1938), which indicates the content of the dough of various chemicals as a percentage of dry matter (Table. 29).

Cool cookies as a very important point.

Вторник, 26 апреля 2016 04: 32
The temperature of cookies out of the oven, no matter whether it is sandy or protracted, kept at 100-120 °. The consistency of its relatively mild and difficult to remove the sheet without disturbing its shape. This applies in particular to the shortbread, which adheres to the surface of the sheet.

Finishing flour confectionery

Monday, April 25 2016 13: 34
Finishing polufabrikatyKrem cream is hit by weight of butter with powdered sugar or milk sugar syrup. Denuded butter is loaded into the kneading machine and gets off within five to seven minutes to quiet the fly; then the machine is transferred at high speed during which added izmolotaya finely powdered sugar and ...

Storage of flour confectionery products.

Monday, April 25 2016 06: 13
Pastries must reach the consumer in the product form, ie. E. Has not lost its taste, softness and fragility, color, shape, and so on. N. Therefore, technology is needed to know what processes are taking place within the product during storage, which method or type of package provides the most complete preservation of the quality of products. The main factors affecting ...
Pastries are predominantly rich products with a high content of sugar, fat and eggs. Low humidity, high nutritional value along with good taste qualities make this product indispensable for the tourists, athletes and members of expeditions, and are a favorite product for the population, especially children.
Formation of the test Flour, consisting mainly of dry protein gels and starch grains, interacts with water and exhibits colloidal properties that predetermine the formation of the dough.

Kneading dough batch and continuous kneaders

Monday, November 16 2015 10: 00
Kneading the dough in a batch kneading machines Kneading dough should ensure even distribution of the components of the raw material in the test and thereby obtain a homogeneous composition of the test. During mixing should be possible provided conditions for a complete dissolution of crystalline materials and colloidal normal flow processes to test certain degree ...
Batter batter is produced by churning flour with water and other components of the feedstock, included in the formulation. Fluid consistency test should ensure the normal dosage and rapid filling of waffle batter forms.

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