Baba. (SK)

Baba - rich flour products with high content of fat, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and raisins. They are made from yeast dough, have a conical shape and most often a through hole in the center.

The technological mode of production of rum baba next. The yeast diluted in water is added to the mixture of flour and water and the dough is allowed to stand for 40 — 50 minutes.

The finished brew is loaded into the kneader to the pre-mixed butter, melange, sugar, salt, water and flour. At the end of the batch add brown bread or raisins.

The finished dough is allowed to stand, and then laid out in the shape and bake. Baked and cooled cake mix impregnated flavored syrup and coated with sugar glaze.

Baba placed in cardboard boxes.

Technological scheme of preparation BabaTechnological scheme of preparation Baba

In tab. 184 provides the technological parameters for making cupcakes and rum baba.

184 Table. Technological parameters of the preparation of cakes and baba

production dataCupcakes
1. Preparation of the dough
Total duration:
The minute fightsMelange with sugar 25 — 30
mixing in minutes23-2813-2110 - 15
Test Moisture%2527-2930-31
Test temperature in °20 - 2520 - 2520 - 25
Equipment Feature:
nameUniversal kneader with two Z-shaped bladesWhipping spindle horizontal machine
blade speed per minute

45 and 80

45 and 80


Capacity in kg12012017
2. Shaping the dough
dough molding methodThe dough is spread out in the form of
3. Bakery products1002505001000
Kiln temperature in °160 - 170190 - 200190 - 200190 - 200190 - 200190 - 200
Duration baking in minutes90 - 10030 - 4520 - 2535 - 4060 - 6590
4. Cooling and finishing products
Cooling duration in minutes240 - 300240 - 300240 - 300
Temperature of products after cooling in °20-2520 - 2520 - 25
Finishing productsTop and side surfaces are sprinkled with powdered sugar.Top and side surfaces glaze praline at temperature 30 °. Sprinkle crushed almonds on the middle of the surface.The surface of large-sized cakes is covered with a circulation syrup, and fine weight is sprinkled with powdered sugar and trimmed with almonds.


production dataCupcakesRomovыe grandmother
1. Preparation of the dough
Total duration
The minute fights11,0-14
mixing in minutes11,5-14sparks 7 — 8

22 Test — 28

7-8 test fillers 30 test — 35
Test Moisture%20-21sparks 49 — 52

30 Test — 32

49 — 52 test 31 — 33
Test temperature in °20 - 25sparks 28 — 30

30 Test — 32

28 — 30 test 30 — 32
Equipment Feature:
nameUniversally kneading machine with two 2-shaped bladesShake up Venchikova machineUniversal kneader with two Z-shaped blades
blade speed per minute45 and 8020345 and 8045 and 80
Capacity in kg12017120120
2. Shaping the dough
dough molding methodThe dough is spread out in the form ofTest dough 45 — 55 minutes at a temperature 30 — 32 ° and the layout into forms


Test dough 45 — 55 minutes at a temperature 30- 32 ° and layout
3. Bakery products1002005001000
The temperature in the furnace180 - 90190 - 200190 - 200190 - 200190 - 200210 - 220
Duration baking in minutes110 - 12018 - 2025 - 305060 - 6545 - 50
Characteristics of the equipmentChannel furnace with a fixed hearth
4. Cooling and finishing products
Cooling duration in minutes240 - 300240 - 300120-150
Temperature of products after cooling in ° 20 - 2520 - 2525-30
Finishing productsThe surface is glazed with lipstick, cooled 8 — 10 minutes and decorated with candied fruitTop and side surfaces are sprinkled with powdered sugar.Impregnated with syrup, top and side surfaces coated with icing

In tab. 185 provides the chemical composition of flour confectionery.

185 Table. The chemical composition of flour confectionery products

Name of productHumidity in% maxTotal% sugar, based on the dry matter, at least% Fat on dry matter, of at leastalkalis

of at bromothien

Molblau in °, not more


of phenol

phthalein in °, not more


ness in ° with phenolph indicator

taleinom, max

Insoluble ash in 10% hydrochloric acid in% max
1. Cookies, molded on punching and rotating machines

Sugar made from flour of the highest grade

Sugar flour I grade 6,5249,52 0,1
Sugar flour II grade 7,522,582 0,1
Sugar-lingering of flourб20820,1
Sugar-lingering flour I grade 72082__0,1
Long flour 717820,1
Protracted flour I grade817820,1
Protracted flour grade II91842For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.__0,1
2. Cookies molded on dough extractor machines of the “Fak *” type and manually

Sugar made from flour of the highest grade

Sugar flour I grade1030620,1
Sugar flour grade II10293,52For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
3. Pryaniki1
Gingerbread Uncoated
without filling 14,53620,1
Spice-coated unfilled 14,537,5 2 0,1
Gingerbread cookies with raisins14,54020,1
Gingerbread stuffed or candied164520,1
4. biscuits
Simple Hike111 »53For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
improved Arctic1010,51230,1
For obese Mode10И41.530,1
For skinny Sports921,5171.530,1
5. Cracker
For breakfast 9,51520,1
Stolovoe9,5For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.11,520,1
Deli 9,5101220,1
With cumin and anise9,5101220,1
6. butter Cookies
the removable7,528,512,32 0,1
Vanilla 7,525,51620,1
The removable (sorehovoy dusting) 6,52522,32 _0,1
The removable (glazed with chocolate) 531,523,52 _0,1
Shortbread (60 pcs. Kg)7,523270,1
Shortbread (160 pcs. Kg)7,522,5270,1
leves 6,520,52820,1
Round 6,517,5310.1
My favorite 6,525,525,30.1
Glagoliki8,530192 0.1
Verbs (glazed)8,5361720,1
Orange 7,529,52320,1
Mosaic 5,52815,520,1
Star 9,53217,220.1
Sand chocolate7,51432,5__0,1
Rigoletto 73226,50,1
Suvorovskoe 6,541230,1
Ukrainian 928,513,520,1
Oktyabrenok 8,53362For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
Sugar with candied fruit7,539,530,1
Union 4519,520,1
Chocolate 83623__0,1
Creamy 10,54419,30,1
Almond (without filling)6,559110,1
Almond (with kroshkovoy finish) 7,54413 0,1
Almond (with almond trim) 7,56014,3 0,1
Gourmand9,5^ 38 522,5__0,1
Slavic 8,546240,1
Moscow bread7,5372120,1
Almond bread6,528212For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
7. Muffins
(Without raisins)
Capital (by weight)212927,520,1
(Without raisins)
Capital (piece)142927,520.1
(Without raisins)
Московский 2123.531,520,1
(Without raisins)
Almond 143529,50,1
(Without raisins)
8. Romovыe grandmother
Baba (weight and piece 0,5 kg)2540,511,72, g0.1
(Without raisins)
Baba (piece 100 g) 24,4 | 36 (without raisins)12,92,50,1
9. Waffles
Waffles rectangular with fondant filling10,575For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
Rectangular wafers with hazelnut filling233,524,0For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.0,1
Waffles square unfilled 4267,510,1
Rectangular and round waffles with fatty filling 241280,1
Wafers rectangular and triangular with fruit filling1660_0,1
Triangular wafers with cream filling1,54325,50,1
Wafers Sticks (glazed with chocolate)1,54132,5_0,1
Wafer sheets for industrial purposes 4,51,00,1

Water dosage Determination of test preparation for pastry

The formulation of products, in addition to raw materials, includes water. The amount of water in the formulations is not specified. The lack of indication of the amount of water is due to the fact that this value is variable depending on the water absorbing ability of the flour and the moisture content of the raw materials.

The amount of water for kneading is calculated by the formularʙ1


And the desired moisture content of the dough in%;

B - weight of raw material (without water), loaded into the mixer, in kg

С - weight of dry substances of this raw material in kg

x - the required amount of water in L.

The above calculation sets the estimated amount of water. The final dosage of water is established by a test batch.

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