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Mixing sugar and protracted test in nepreryvnodejstvujushchego kneading machines.

Continuously-mechanized process dough increases productivity and facilitates the labor of workers by eliminating manual processes unloading kneading machines, dough transporting and loading it into a molding machine. Continuous-flow kneading test mode allows the stability and, hence, the uniform and high quality products and to improve hygienic conditions of production.

Mixing sugar and protracted test in nepreryvnodejstvujushchego kneading machines.
Continuous kneading is performed by continuous feed dispensers in a continuous kneader in Formulation ratio providing the desired formation of dough consistency.
To simplify the work station of continuous mixing of raw materials in the kneading machine loading is carried out in two streams: a mixture of flour and starch - with one dispenser and emulsions from the rest of the raw material - the other dispenser.
Currently, a number of companies introduced continuous mixing sugar test station. Machine-Building Plant manufactures equipment for the continuous mixing of protracted test station.
Preparation of the emulsion. The need for preliminary preparation of the emulsion due to the fact that used when mixing the water (or milk) and fat are mutually insoluble. Therefore, dosing a mixture of these raw materials a dispenser can be done only if the receipt is reached nerasslaivayuscheysya system of the mutually insoluble liquids, ensuring compliance with the prescription of raw material ratio.
Emulsions are highly complex in regard to physical and chemical systems.
In order to obtain a strong, non-dissolving emulsion of two mutually insoluble liquids, such as water and fat, for example, the presence in this system of a third substance-an emulsifier, which reduces the surface tension at the interface of the two phases and envelops a thin, mechanically strong film of the particulate phase, thereby preventing the possibility of their fusion.
emulsion strength depends not only on the type and concentration of emulsifier, but also on the degree of dispersion of the fat; the higher it is, the ceteris paribus stable emulsion.
Most cookie recipe includes at natural emulsifying agents (lecithin in egg products, milk casein), so for this group of formulations are favorable conditions for obtaining a sufficiently stable emulsion.
If no raw product formulations having incorporates natural emulsifiers or if the substances are contained therein in insufficient quantities, the emulsifiers should be used.
Preparation uniform feed mixture is carried out in a mixer which is a horizontal cylindrical vessel, inside which a shaft passes with blades impaled thereon in the form of plates and direct T-shaped, with the number of revolutions of blade 70-120 per minute. The device is equipped with a water jacket for tempering the mixture of raw materials.
Bringing the emulsion is carried out in emulsatore type EO at a significantly greater number of revolutions of blade (1400 / min).
Emulsifier type EO is a housing inside which there are four discs - two fixed, clamped housings, and two rotating, sitting at the end of the shaft. The mass enters through the upper opening of the housing and falls onto a rotating disk with blades that pushes the mass through the stationary disk to the second pair of disks. On the second fixed disk, protruding fingers are placed, and on the second rotating disk there are projections which, with rapid rotation, break the passing mass, moving it from the center to the walls of the housing, to the outlet in the hole located in the housing cover.
emulsion preparation mode depends on the type of products for which the emulsion is intended.
Technology emulsion preparation mode for the sugar test is as follows.
The mixer was charged with the work feed invert syrup, water or milk, salt, baking soda and ammonium carbonate. Simultaneously gradually charged powdered sugar, in order to avoid caking on the bottom of its machine. Stir the mixture for 10 minutes after charging all raw materials, and then fed the fat in a molten state, and the whole was stirred and essence still 5 min. This mode provides the highest possible dissolution of the crystal raw material and evenly distributing it throughout the mass.
After stirring the mixture of raw materials is passed through an emulsion Sator, resulting in a highly dispersed stable emulsion.
During mixing the temperature of the mass is maintained within 36-40 ° C water circulating through the corresponding temperature of the mixer jacket.
Technology emulsion preparation mode for a prolonged test is as follows.
All raw materials for the preparation of the emulsion relying except fat and flavorings, is loaded in the same sequence as a test for diabetes, the cylindrical mixer and mixed 5 min. Then loaded fat emulsifier in the molten state and all the essence and further stirred 5 min.
The resulting mixture is passed through the raw material emulsator type EO, which ensures good stability and high dispersion of the emulsion in any class long cookies.
Fat load to the kneader vessel necessary plastic state before adding flour to flour lower fat temperature lowered temperature. Otherwise, a uniform distribution of crystallized fat in the dough and the dough will be difficult plasticity is reduced.
We recommend the following procedure for loading raw material into the kneading machine Batch: sugar or powder and salt;
fats are dissolved and thoroughly mixed emulsifier;
condensed milk, eggs, glucose syrup, invert syrup, zhzhenka;
water or natural milk;
Raw stirred continued 2-3 minutes and then go to work the kneader was charged with: flour (half the amount); soda and ammonium carbonate; the rest of the flour and starch.
The duration of the test batch of sugar in the winter 20-25 minutes, saving time 10-25 minutes with 14-20 speed kneader blades per minute.
The duration of prolonged kneading dough varies within the following limits: according to the recipes of flour 40-60 minutes of flour grades I and II-30-35 minutes in the kneader at a speed 18-25 per minute.
The finished dough should be well mixed, without a trace in the form of de-moisturized nepromesa flour and possess certain physical properties: sugar dough should be pliable and prolonged dough - elastic-plastic. 

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