Production of sweets and halva

Candy production. (Confectioner's Guide)

Sunday, December 11 2016 15: 49
Feature articles Sweets called sugar-based, diverse in form and decoration and made of different masses.

Forming of candy. (CG)

Sunday, December 11 2016 12: 58
Depending on the properties of the candy mass molding chocolates produced in various ways.

Manufacture of pellets. (CG)

Tuesday, December 06 2016 10: 00
Characteristics Bean Jelly beans candy is a small size, round shape with a shiny smooth surface.

Production halvy. (CG)

Monday, December 05 2016 12: 31
Feature halva Halva is a homogeneous, fibrous mass of a cream-colored, made by kneading the candy mass, whipped with a foaming agent to the weight of the roasted grated peanut, sesame or sunflower seed.

Halva and ff production.

Sunday, June 05 2016 07: 33
Halva is knocked caramel mass, uniformly distributed in the mass of pounded roasted sesame kernels, peanuts, nuts or seeds, I; n sunflower. Halva has a fibrous structure. Due to its high nutritional value and good taste on.a became widespread.

production iris

Sunday, June 05 2016 05: 44
Iris is a form of milk chocolates, manufactured by boiling whole milk with sugar, molasses and fat with the addition of flavorings. The consistency and texture of the iris is very diverse, depending on the degree and method of boiling.

Glazed candies.

Sunday, June 05 2016 04: 36
To protect the chocolates from the housings drying and moisture, and to impart good taste and appearance covered candy shell coating.

The forming corps of candy.

Saturday, June 04 2016 14: 30
There are five main ways of forming corps of candy:

candy Manufacturing

Friday, May 13 2016 06: 57
Sweets are a diverse assortment group of confectionery manufactured on sugar-based and characterized by a variety of composition, appearance and taste. Candy Calories range from 3800 5970 to kcal. Specific weight of the candy in the total production of confectionery is 12-15%.
These lines are intended for the production of sweets and bars, made from fat praline masses, mainly on a nut basis. On the line, the processes of preparation of praline candy masses are carried out, by molding by pressing out the blanks of candy bar or candy bars (in the form of bundles or strips, respectively, of round or rectangular cross-section),

Production of halva

Wednesday, November 11 2015 12: 11
Halva - a confection of layered fiber structure made from roasted kernels grated oil seeds and caramel mass, knocked to the blowing agent. Halva - oriental delicacy, has long been produced in our country.
The existing method of producing multi-layer of paste candy has a number of disadvantages, chief among which are the continuity of the process, the need for large quantities of inventory for vystoyki formations and corps of candy, a considerable amount of waste

Production of milk candy, toffee, and others.

Wednesday, November 11 2015 10: 13
Milk chocolates are made with the addition of significant amounts of milk or its products - condensed milk powder, cream, etc. For milk candy are different varieties of iris..
Literature Radel "Production of sweets and halva" L. B, C on a tio n with a and d, 3. I. Sergeyev and E. Biryukov, rational technological scheme of production of lipstick and massive candy out of it, Trudy VKNII, 1946. 3. Sergeeva, scientific director of LB Sosnowski, have to ...

Production of pellets

Wednesday, November 11 2015 08: 57
Drops - Candy rounded, with a shiny polished surface, painted in different colors, different attractive appearance. Development of pills have a relatively small and is 3-4% of all confectionery.

enrobing chocolates

Wednesday, November 11 2015 07: 49
To give the candy a suitable external appearance and protect them from exposure to external atmospheric influences, as well as to improve their taste candy shell covered by a variety of glaze.
Blurring When preparing the sandwich candy first layer of candy mass is applied to the surface of the plastic or oilcloth. After a brief vystoyki sufficient to form a solid foundation, the first layer is applied a second layer of candy mass and after the second vystoyki - the third layer.

Production of liqueur buildings

Wednesday, November 11 2015 05: 41
Liqueur shell of the housing are crystallized sugar, which is located inside the liquid-saturated sugar syrup containing solution is usually a little alcohol and other additives.

molding candy shells casting

Вторник, 10 2015 18 ноября: 22
A very common method of shaping fondant is cast in lipstick stamped in starch cells.

Production of aerated candy mass

Вторник, 10 2015 17 ноября: 27
Aerated candy mass has a foam structure, ie,. Contain small uniformly distributed air bubbles. These masses are used mainly for cooking whipped buildings glazed candies.

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