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nut muffins

Output: approx 50 pcs 200 g plus 2 teaspoons softened butter, 130 g icing sugar, 120 g chopped hazelnuts, 240 g flour Decoration: hazelnuts, halved. Preheat oven to 170 ° C. Brush a baking sheet with 2 teaspoons of butter. Combine all remaining ingredients. Place the mixture on a baking sheet, making it curly. Decorate [...]

Chocolate and cocoa

Ways to reduce the viscosity of the chocolate mass.

Methods for reducing the viscosity of chocolate masses The viscosity of chocolate semi-finished products can be reduced in several ways. Two methods for reducing and lowering have been discussed in detail above. The first method is to reduce the moisture content in grated cocoa and chocolate mass. The second way is to increase the amount of cocoa butter in the chocolate mass. The third way to reduce the viscosity of the chocolate mass is to add lecithin to the chocolate or [...]