Choosing raw materials: milk and dairy

Wednesday, June 29 2016 06: 12
Robert Earley, Harper Adams University College as the main product, which begins to feed newborn mammals, milk is an important source of fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that affect the development of tissues and bones of the body, its development and growth.

innovation Management

Tuesday, March 15 2016 10: 34
Management of innovations and new technology learning objectives After studying this module, you will be able to: Understand and appreciate the importance of innovation for development and identify the main phases of the innovation process. Distinguish innovative organizations from the routine and to describe the characteristics of innovative companies. According to appreciate the approach based on project management, used in the development of innovation and technology ...

Special methods of analysis. 1 application.

Saturday, November 07 2015 17: 46
There are many publications on food analysis, and in some of them is given details of methods that can be employed in the confectionery business. All manufacturers of chocolate and confectionery products must be familiar with organizations such as The International Office of Cocoa and Chocolate (IOCC), 172, Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1040 Bruxelles, ...

Quality control

Friday, November 06 2015 13: 23
Although the general principles of quality control for many years remain the same, now instead of the term "control" is often used the concept of "security".

Microbiology of food

Thursday, October 15 2015 11: 55
Microbiology of food PRODUKTOVOhlazhdennoe meat. Microflora surface there is created during the slaughter and processing of the primary contact with inventory items and equipment, clothing and hands of workers, dust settling of air and water droplets, dirt intestinal contents at cuts and t. D.

safety management system of food.

Saturday, February 09 2013 18: 27
safety management system pitaniya.1.1 trebovaniya.Organizatsiya General shall establish, document, implement and maintain operable productive system of food safety management and, if necessary, update it in accordance with the requirements of this International standarta.Organizatsiya should define the scope of the safety management system food. Applications must indicate the products or ...

Bacterial contamination of side dishes and sauces

Wednesday, October 10 2012 08: 42
Bacterial contamination of side dishes and sauces, studied in them is, is presented in Table. 56 and 57. This kind of product is produced in the restaurant and at the factory-kitchen.

The growth and reproduction of microorganisms

Sunday, September 11 2011 15: 10
The complex metabolic processes in the cell are recorded phenomena such as growth and reproduction mikroorganizmov.Termin "growth" means an increase in the mass of microbial cells in the synthesis of cellular materiala.Intensivnost microbial growth can be determined by dividing their weight by the number of animals per unit volume in the individual intervals time. individual cell growth ends razmnozheniem.Pod reproduction of microbes mean ...

The metabolism of microorganisms

Sunday, September 11 2011 15: 04
FEATURES metabolism in MIKROORGANIZMOVPod metabolism (from the Greek metabole -. Change, transformation) to understand the totality of the biochemical reactions and transformations of substances occurring in the microbial cell to obtain energy and to further its use for the synthesis of organic veschestv.Termin "metabolism" integrates two related, but opposite processes - anabolism and catabolism. They are common to all living beings ...

The bacteria and blue-green algae

Sunday, September 11 2011 14: 42
Systematics of microorganisms. PLACE OF BACTERIA IN Wildlife Due to the fact that bacteria and blue-green algae (tsiaiobakterii) have similarities in the structure of cells and plants and blue-green algae are capable of photosynthesis, these three groups of living organisms traditionally attributed to the objects of botany and therefore claimed the bacteria are, as ...
REQUIREMENTS FOR MANUFACTURING AND SPECIAL TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES IN THE PRODUCTION AND (OR) IMPLEMENTATION OF MILK PROCESSING PRODUCTS General requirements for the production of milk processing products 1. Requirements for the production of milk processing products apply to legal entities and individuals engaged in the production and (or) sale of milk processing products in the territory of the Russian Federation. 2. ...

security raw milk and raw cream Requirements

Thursday, September 01 2011 09: 13
REQUIREMENTS FOR RAW MILK, PRODUCTS OF ITS REFINING Requirements for the safety of raw milk and raw cream 1. Conditions for obtaining milk from farm animals, transportation, sale and disposal of raw milk and raw cream, non-industrial dairy products must comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on veterinary medicine. 2. Raw milk must be obtained from ...
description documents received from the entity to obtain a permit for waste disposal ...

Chief State Sanitary

Wednesday, August 31 2011 09: 06

Checklist for gossanepidemstantsii

Wednesday, August 31 2011 08: 59
The documents to be presented in derzhsanepidstantsiyu for conclusion at the beginning of the object of business (production) 1. Application of the private entrepreneur or business owner. 2. Certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a business entity or enterprise charter with a list of activities. 3. Document the right to use premises (lease, sale and purchase of apartments). ...

Quality control

Thursday, June 02 2011 17: 38
DJ. Rose, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Enterprises wishing to develop their activities under the present volatile economy, should set clear objectives as to how the various links should function predpriyatiya.Dlya achieve these objectives, it is necessary to provide mechanisms for monitoring (monitoring) the effectiveness, as well as the procedure for the implementation of the changes wherever necessary to strengthen. System…

Development tehnologii.Tipovye safe working operations.

Понедельник, 30 мая 2011 17: 15
Many of the steps used in the preparation or packing of the product, carried on the table or other flat surfaces.

Efficiency and built-in controls

Thursday, December 30 2010 17: 29
Measuring devices for monitoring process control task - maintaining constant production parameters. It is clear that even if the statistical assessment of periodic sampling is quite time-consuming, tedious, and does not give a complete picture of the process. Currently, there are sensors that can be used for continuous monitoring or most frequent inspections and product parameters ...


Monday, December 27 2010 20: 08
HACCP system You can also get acquainted with the hygienic aspects of the design of enterprises for the production of refrigerated and frozen food. The HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) appeared in 1959 when Howard Waitap from American company Pillsbury (Pillsbury Company) began working with ...

HACCP - Manage product safety

Monday, December 27 2010 18: 54
Product safety management Any good manufacturer of ILCs has the moral responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the products it offers and for its consumption within the time limits specified on the package. The enterprise must also take measures to accurately and correctly label the products so as not to give misleading information. ...

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